Friday, 10 August 2012

Ancient game 9.8.12. vs Paul

Last night's game was a straight "bash",pitting Republican Romans against Persians.After a dice throw,I ended up in charge of the Romans and Paul took command of the Persians.
My force was three legions with cavalry,light troops and Elephants,Paul's troops were a mixture of Immortals,cavalry,light troops,spear-armed inf. and axe -armed infantry.
My plan was to storm forward with my centre legion,supported by Elephants,and when they were engaged,the left and right flank legions would advance,my cavalry,which were inferior to the Persian cavalry,would stand and await the arrival of the Triari from my right flank legion.

Paul's plan was pretty similar,hold his flanks until the centre was engaged then try to win the flanks,he was confident that his cavalry would beat mine and I would then be left with an exposed flank, and he could simply roll my army up!!
The photo below is taken at the early stage of the game and shows my combined attack of my cemtral legion and elephants. This is a shot the cavalry melee,which swung both ways at first,but then I was victorious with two of my units,and Paul's morale took him away!!

The shot below shows my Left flank under considerable pressure,whilst in the background my central legion is causing all kinds of panic and mayhem!

This is a general photo of the whole line,melees going on, and my elephants retreating,after having been subjected to archery.

Paul put in a good,if sneaky, attack on my flank with a unit of camels,supported by horse archers,this was towards the end of the game,and caused me some alarm!

This shot shows the Roman left flank locked in melee,as well as the centre,however the Persian left flank was in "dis-array", and this was deemed to be the end of the game.

The final photo,Persians running for their lives,and Romans thinking that they had been quite lucky to beat them.

As usual,this was a good game which hung in the balance for a long time,and for once I actually threw some good dice whilst Paul,for a change some threw some bad dice.Roll on Sunday,another game with only Dave and I taking part,due to holidays !

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