Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Russian Napoleonic game vs Dave 1.8.12.

This game can only be described as Epic!! Dave took the role of Napoleon,commanding 18 infantry regiments,4 heavy cav. 4 light cav. and 4 gun batteries,whilst I took command of the Russians who had 15 inf.regiments,4 heavy cav. 2 light cav. and 3 gun batteries.
The scenario was as shown below,and was based loosely on part of the Borodino battle field. This is a photo of the Russian positions before the game started,it proved to be a strong one,with woods and redoubts for my troops to cower behind!

The shot below shows the first move by the French,their columns are moving around the burning village of Shevadista,aiming

at the Shevadista redoubt.This redoubt changed hands a couple of times during the battle,and proved to be a thorn in the French side.

This shows the French opening moves against my left flank,the battle was staged in two separate phases,the first against the Shevadista redoubt and the second against the Veralenka redoubt.

This shows Dave's brave troops coming under cannister fire from the redoubt,these troops did manage to get into the redoubt,but then they were in turn "ejaculated" from it by Russian infantry.

Dave's second attack storming forward,little did he know that I had a hidden force in the woods,which caused him some discomfort at first.

My hidden force walking into a maelstrom of shit,shot and shell,they didn't like it!! Meanwhile in the background the fight for the redoubt goes on.

Another shot of my hidden force,being subjected to attack, and cannister fire,my element of surprise was limited,as the French recovered enough to mount a counter attack and drive the whole force back into the woods.

The second phase is about to commence,Dave is massing his columns redy to attack the Veralenka redoubt,at this point he has not brought his guard battalions onto the board,they are massed behind the columns you can see.

Who is this man???

This is a shot of the Shevadista redoubt being taken by the French,in the background the French cavalry are shaping up for something!

This is taken from the French side of the board,and shows the columns attacking the Veralenka redoubt in grand style,the Russians are defending it in grand style too.

The French heavy cavalry are just starting to cross the stream and marshy ground,to be met by Russian dragoons.

Cavalry melee is joined!! Earlier gun fire had weakened my leading dragoons,and when it came to taking morale,they failed miserably,and that I suppose was the start of the end for my army.

The French columns are seen here bursting into the Veralenka redoubt,after heavy fighting.My troops had to check their morale and were found "wanting", and decided to head for Moscow!!

Shevadista redoubt firmly in French hands,game over,but what a game,probably the best Napoleonic game this year.Dave was pleased with the result,and in all honesty so was I.


  1. John, stumbled onto the blog for the Westerhope group the other week and been enjoying catching up with the games nowadays - the garage seems to have changed since back in the day! Is the dippity stick still in use?! And does a zero on the dice still get an officer killed? Fond memories of coming along with Mike a good 10 or 15 years ago (but probably more!) ... Chris Allan

    1. Thanks for the comments Chris,yes it must be all of ten years,michael still comes along when he's in the UK,keeplooking at the blog,and making comments,
      cheers.john c.

  2. Looks like a cracking game. Well done gents :-)

    1. Hi Chris,yes it was a cracking game,Dave is a good opponent and very hard to beat,well that's my excuse anyway!Thanks for your comments always welcome,cheers,
      john c.