Monday, 13 August 2012

Napoleonic vs Dave.(glorious 12th!!)

Last night's game was a real brain teaser,with Dave acting as Ney and me acting the fool! Below you can see the scenario.I was in a strong defensive position,holding a ridge and farm in my centre and right,with a strong Prussian force on my left flank. This shows one of many attacks made by Dave on my centre ridge,Dave got very frustrated because he could make no headway,however his persistence paid off and eventually he did succeed in getting onto the ridge and behind my brave Austrian defenders.

This shot shows French columns " en echelon" attacking, note the "hesitant" cavalry in the background,waiting for an opportunity to pounce.Once the cavalry did get engaged,I won every melee,which is a first for me!!

This photo is taken from the French side of the board and shows Dave's massive attack on my centre,his intention was to drive a wedge between the Austrians and Prussians.This attack did succeed eventually,but Dave took his eye off the ball a couple of times and allowed me to make a couple of good tactical moves which unsettled him for a while(but not long enough!!)

This is the start of one of my "moments" note the Austrian lancers "lurking at the top of the ridge,Dave hadn't seen these and I charged them down onto a hapless regiment of infantry and destroyed them.

I just had to include this shot of the French inf. saying "au revoir"

Retribution!Dave launches an assault on my flank by a unit of Dragoons,so much for my "moment",instant morale check on my Lancers,hit in flank,no support,no colonel,no chance!! How do you say "au revoir" in Austrian?

Dave is pressing his attack home in the centre,he had massed his guns and managed to do alot of damage to both Austrians and Prussians.

This shows the French breakthrough on my ridge,Westphalian inf. supported by Hussars, break my inf. and drive the gunners off.This was the turning point in the game,I was forced to weaken my left flank in an attempt to stem the French incursion,which resulted in a couple of my Austrian inf. regiments deciding to home (good night sweet Vienna?)

It's all over now,look at the gaps in my line,ah well never mind there's always next week to look forward to.

This was agood game and as ever Dave proved an erstwhile opponent,what next I wonder?

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