Thursday, 23 August 2012

Ancients battle vs Dave 23.8.12.

What else would there be to do on a rainy Thursday morning,but have a Wargame !!
Dave and I had this little "set-to" which was aprelude and practice for our big "demo" game at Border Reiver on Sept. 1st.
Dave opted for the Barbarians and I took command of the Romans.
Dave's left was made up of 3 units cav. and 6 warbands of the Catuvellauni,his centre was made up of 6 warbands of the Trinovantes,aided by 3 chariot units,and his left was 6 warbands of the Iceni tribe.
My left was a single,but elite unit of guard cav. whilst my centre was the legion,my right was made up of 3 cav. units,1 catapult unit and 3 auxilliary inf. units.
the shot below shows an all out attack on my centre and left,however Dave's troops were not up to standard and I managed to win the ensuing melee,for a while!! Dave's cavalry and left flank infantry are just starting to move against my well placed cav, and catapult in this photo.My aux.inf are just to the right of the shot,guarding a stream crossing.( the crossing was not forthcoming so my troops looked a bit foolish!)

The agressive Romans mounting an attack on the Barbarian centre,my forward movement caused a gap in my line and Dave's chariots spotted an opportunity to attack my exposed flank!!

This is the cavalry melee in full swing,with my aux. inf moving in to support the Roman cav.This was a good move but too late to save the cav. from being anhialated.

Auxilliary infantry mixing it with wild savage tribesmen,I did ok in the melee,well I had to win something!

This shot shows Dave's audacious move with a chariot unit,he charged the unfortunate cohort (number 8) which, after checking morale for being charged,decided it did not want to fight chariots,and promptly ran away!

Bring back decimation,thats what I say.

The fight in the centre went on for three moves,and I felt confident that the legion would prevail,however,as happens in most of the games I play,my confidence was not transferred to my troops,and a cohort gave way in the centre of my line,and left this hideous gap!!

This final photo shows the gap from the Barbarian side of the board,Dave had enough reserve troops to exploit the gap, and the game was called to a halt,and the Romans suffered yet another defeat in my capable hands.

This was an enjoyable game, and proves that a handy reserve or second line is essential,will I ever learn? Ah well roll on Sunday,Paul and Graham should be available,having completed their holidays.

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