Monday, 20 August 2012

Marlburian game vs Graham 19.8.12.

Last night's game was a bit of a "rushed" affair,Graham phoned me and asked if I could put on a game,because he was suffering from withdrawal symptoms,having been on his "hollies". I quickly threw some terrain and figures onto the board,and the resulting game was good!!
The game hinged on two villages facing each other and defended by Irish troops on Graham's side and Spanish on my side.The two villages were cut off from the rest of the board by a stream which could only be crossed by bridges.This posed a problem for me as I had a regiment of cavalry on my side of the stream,which I badly needed on the other side of the stream! As it happened I advanced my inf. against the Irish and managed to hold them off long enough to get my cav. over the bridge and win a tremendous victory over Graham's cav, and gun battery situated there,however,things did not go too well on the other side of the board!!
Below is a shot of my inf, with the cav. crossing the bridge unopposed. This is my right flank,where Graham had managed to get three cav. units against my two,the result was inevitable!!

This photo shows the cav. clash,in the background you can see a gun battery firing away at my line,this "bloody" gun never missed and did terrible damage to my line of brave Spanish inf.

This is on my left flank, and shows my cav. massing for an assault on the Bavarian cav. and gun battery.

This shot is of my centre firing line,with that "bloody" gun still hitting my troops,when morale was called for my troops had had enough and decided to head back to Barcelona

This is a shot of the Bavarian centre,pounding my poor troops into submission.

This was an enjoyable game,if only to see Graham win a cavalry melee!! ( he usually is unlucky with cavalry).Roll on next week.

I got an "e" mail off Rob of Border Reiver yesterday, confirming set up times,opening and closing times for the show at Gateshead on 1st September,we are looking forward to that.I also received a letter from Tom and Dave who used to put on the Stockton show, saying they were now back in the frame and did we want to put on a game at their new show,in Middlesbrough in March 2013.Good news and good that another show will be held in the North East.


  1. I'm really enjoying sifting through your blog! I espescially like your cavalry, I haven't seen those figures before. Who makes them? At first I thought they might have been Prince August horses with homecast riders, they really look unique and effective. Great blog!

  2. Hi Doug,thanks for comments,the cavalry were made by me,and as you can see I am not a "modeller!!"the horses are Prince August as you rightly pointed out.Keep reading the blog.