Monday, 27 August 2012

Marlburian game 26.8.12. John vs Graham and Paul.

We had a very interesting and exciting game last night,with Graham and Paul against me.The scenario,map and statistics are shown below.

The first couple of moves were spent manoevering our troops,me marching my Austrians towards the village,being closely followed by Graham,and Paul moving towards the Manor house.Both Graham na Paul commenced with a general bombardment of my positions,which did a little damage,but not as much as my artillery fire on their centre!!

This shot shows the Village which I occupied with one regiment of Austrians,posting the rest along the Stream banks.

This is Von Lidl's manor house and orchard, which was bravely defended by a veteran regiment of British infantry,for almost the whole of the game.

This shows Grahams "abortive" attack on the village beginning, my artillery was "poor" at long range,but made up for it when the French came within cannister range.

This photo shows the central positions of both armies,note the French cavalry starting to move forward to attack my Austrians.I counter attacked and was pushed back,we both reinforced the melee and I was eventually successful and Graham was pushed back.

After a long fire-fight against the Manor house,Paul decided that he would attempt to take it by storm,this resulted in four melee's against the walls,and eventually he did get in and captured the position,but not before he was given a "bloody nose".In the background you can see the British and French foot Guards blasting away at each other.

This is a shot of the Cavalry battle on my left flank,this was decisive,and led to the collapse of the Franco-Bavarian centre,as Graham's cavalry were beaten and I moved behind his central line of infantry!!

Ah this is what wargaming is all about,fun and laughter and jolly banter!!!!

Paul's French Picardie regiment occupying the Manor house,this caused me to have to move my whole centre back a bit as he was now on my flank.

The British have moved back in this shot,to a better position where I can get my two reserve regiments into the firing line,note the gap which has appeared in the French line,and the French cav. being pushed back,exposing the infantry.

This shot shows Paul's left flank cavalry being beaten,and having to retire through his Bavarian infantry,although he did have a reserve cav. unit ready to do me some damage!

Oh dear! the French centre has collapsed and Graham has decided that enough is enough, and has ordered his troops to retire (that,as every wargamer knows,is another way of saying "run away!!!)

This was a thoroughly enjoyable game,played in good spirit,and could have gone either way,as the two objectives were not taken by the Franco-Bavarians, I claimed a victory,however my Left Flank was in real jeopardy,and if I was a gentlemen, I would say a draw was a fairer result.

Roll on Saturday and Border Reiver at Gateshead stadium.

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