Saturday, 25 August 2012

Testudo update.24.8.12.

I have just finished the second of my five Tetudos,and, having learned alot from making and painting the first one,it took about half the time to complete. I have painted the central mass of figures,crudely,even by my standards,because they can not be seen,I have also stuck the side shields onto thinner card than the first attempt,the result ,I think, is quite good. I have embellished the base with flock,lichen and some "rocks" and a couple of spears stuck into the ground.
This first photo shows the testudo stuck onto its base c/w embellishments,and the centurion being painted,ready to be stuck into position. This is just another shot from a different angle.

The photo below shows the finished article,the weight is substantial to say the least.

This,again, is the finished testudo from a different angle showing the lichen, rocks etc.

With only another three to go, I feel confident that I can get the testudos onto the board within a couple of weeks !!


  1. Testudotastic. I assume that you have many scenarios planned to use them! Good work John :-)

    1. Thanks Chris,very easy to paint,and yes I have a "few" games planned which would involve the testudos.The rest 0f the "boys" hope that most of the planned games will be ancients and not Napoleonics !! as if!!!!!!
      john c.