Friday, 26 April 2013

"Bexby Bridge 1644" E.C.W. played 25.4.13.

Last night,Paul and Brian played this ficticious English Civil War game,whilst I looked on in envy and acted as referee.

The simple scenario,followed by the map,showing Brian's column,but not where Paul's troops were.At a given signal ( a cannon shot!) Paul's Royalist troops emerged from the village,woods and from across the river.

Brian's Parliamentarians were placed on the board,facing the Royalists and a few still in column going down the road,giving him the option of standing or continuing across the river.

This shows the general set up,with Royalists on the left and Parliamentarians on the right,the river Thames flowing grandly in the background.

This shot shows the bridge,and some of Paul's troops about to defend it against some infantry and a gun which Brian is hurrying forward,he has already deployed his cavalry,and is awaiting an opportunity to "unleash" them on Paul's troops crossing at the far bridge.

Rupert's and Hopton's foot emerging from Bexby village,flanked by a gun,lovely position,as Brian found out when he advanced against them and was shot to bits!!

Both sides decided to have a "go" at each other to the right of the village,although Brian was out-numbered,his fighting points and morale was better than Paul's ,so the melee was always going to be "tight"
In the background you can see the other cavalry starting to advance and threaten Paul's left flank,whilst Brian is advancing some infantry against the hedges on the banks of the river.

Brian's cavalry on his right flank coming under fire from Paul's infantry,they didn't manage to stop the cavalry and were forced into "square" and took pistol fire.Meanwhile Paul has got his own cavalry into position and is now threatening to charge Brian !! Quelle affaire!

Tut,Tut,Brian appears to be "gloating" in this shot!! mind you,having just one a cavalry melee after being outnumbered 2:1 he has the right to be,or does he??

As you can see,there is action all along the table,fire-fights,push of pike,melees,and "gloating", at this point in the game it was never clear as to who had the upper hand,both players giving it their best shot,all very exciting stuff.

This is the break-through!! Paul has won a decisive melee with his cavalry and Brian is being forced back,however his Infantry line is formed,and with a bit of luck,things might just swing his way,where's the God of Dice when you need him??

This shot is from Paul's left flank,and shows the cavalry battle raging plus the infantry in "square".Brian elected to abandon his attempts on this flank,and try to get as many cavalry units over the river as he could.
With Paul winning on the right,and Brian's central advance stalled (because of rampaging cavalry) it looked as though the Royalists had won.

Now Brian really is in trouble,his infantry attempting to cross the river have been repulsed,and Paul's cavalry and infantry are combining to advance and re-take the hedges,is it all over?

Another "cracking" game,played in good humour,and good historical tactics employed.
All figures used in this game were from Warrior Miniatures,the whole period is colourful,and can include seiges,pitched battles and skirmishes,more planned over the coming weeks!!
Roll on sunday,there should be 5 of us,and I have an Ancients game planned.


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    1. Hi Steve,thanks for reading blog,we use the same rules for all the periods we play,our own "house" rules,but rely heavily on historical knowledge.We work on the rule that the only thing different to all the periods we fight is weapons and ranges,once we've decide on that the movement and morale looks after itself!!