Monday, 8 April 2013

French and Indian War

After a change in medication and another couple of problems left me feeling a little "under par", I decided not to have our normal Sunday club game this week,however the need for my weekly blog "fix" has to be satisfied,so I'll relate a game played by myself,Paul and Brian,after I had "tweaked" the Rangers/Indian rules.

The scenario is above,not very complicated,but interesting.

This was the overall view of the table,with Rangers and Indians converging on the settlement,and the British column at the far edge of the table,just crossing the bridge,and all the settlers blissfully unaware of what is about to descend on them!!

This is the settlement of "Sorry",with a war party emerging from the woods,Indians (honed on war and violence) versus softy,non-trained settlers (including women) this was going to be slaughter (or is that laughter??)

This seems like a strange way to get a short back and sides!!

Indians attacking,3 bloody times they attacked,and 3 times they were beaten off by the settlers!!Damn but  those women can fight!! I'm sure at one point the bloody duck was fighting !!

Here come the British,in lovely columns,led by a very smart looking colonel,I hope he doesn't get shot!

The Indians and Rangers have spotted each other and a general skirmish is taking place in the woods,neither side getting the upper hand,I wonder how things are going at the settlement.......

If at first you don't succeed!!Give up,you can't get past the women,weilding baskets of fruit etc.This was the last time the Indians attacked-their morale broke and they were forced to retire!!!

Proving that the Indians did have some success,here you can see a company of Rangers being chased by 2 war parties,however the rest of the Indians were retiring into the woods,and,although the British colonel had been killed by a sharp-shooter,the British column had gained the settlement.Game over and lights out for the Indians!!

Again,a very interesting game,although too short,I'll have to re-think the length of time,and shooting/melee rules,but I'll get there(which is more than the Indians did!!

Hopefully I'll be ok for Sunday night,I have planned a 5 hander Napoleonic game,so roll on Sunday.


  1. Short and bloody-probably what happened in real life. perhaps the Indians should have a propensity to set fire to things, such as the buildings? which might jiggle the morale of the settlers?

    1. Yeah,good comment,we are re-thinking the whole set-up to accomodate such things,"propensity" bloody hell Ian,you can't use words like that in public!!!!
      You haven't been in touch yet!

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