Thursday, 4 April 2013

Marlburian game.3.3.13.

We had a rare visit from Dave yesterday,who "popped in" for a Marlburian game.I had pre-picked the sides,and Brian commanded a contingent of French inf. and Bavarian cuirassiers,whilst I took the bulk of the Bavarian inf.,cav. and a gun battery. Dave was put in charge of a strange mix of Spanish and Danish troops .
The above photo is of the scenario,a straight "bash" if ever I saw one!!

This is the centre,with my Bavarians contesting a farm against the whole of the known world!!
 Dave had a good plan,to hold back on each flank and push forward in the centre.Brian was holding our right flank,and opted to occupy the hill with his gun and inf. and manoeuvre his cavalry to be able to support both his flank and the centre.

In this shot you can see Brian's gun firing on the Spanish,whilst a regiment of infantry have taken up a great position threatening any of Dave's troops that venture too close.Great move Brian,you just keep them there,they are in the best position imaginable.

Oh dear,the troops that were in the best position imaginable,have moved forward,I do hope Brian has seen the Cavalry "lurking" behind those rocks-surely he couldn't not have seen them?? Meanwhile his cavalry are moving forward to prevent Dave from moving forward and onto my flank.

This shot shows my left flank hill being pounded by artillery fire,however my morale was holding,and Dave didn't seem to want to instigate a fire-fight,so far so good,if only the centre can hold!!

Brian's cavalry are static at the moment but his infantry are pushing onwards in great style (Dave's cavalry are still "lurking") The infantry regiment with its flank against the rock is doing very well indeed,what a wonderful position for them!!

Oh no!!!!!!!!!!Brian has moved them forward away from the cover of the rocks,I hope Dave hasn't seen this move,even if he has,he's too much of a gentleman to charge them in the flank!!! Isn't he?

The answer was an emphatic NO !! and he charged them,and wiped them out.Dave had also pushed all of my infantry in the centre back,and my morale eventually broke on my left flank,although Brian's French infantry were still pushing forward,with cavalry roaming all over his position,the day was lost !!

It was good to see Dave for a game,and what a game,twists and turns,good and bad dice throws,tactical mistakes and recoveries,roll on Thursday night.

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