Monday, 22 April 2013

Jacobite rebellion 1719.vs Allan.

My old mate Allan "popped in" to have a game this morning,and we played "English" vs Scots,based on the 1719 uprising.
I had a bit of a rush to set this game up,after we played out the game we intend putting on at Falkirk in May,so had to put all the figures away (almost 1000!) clear the terrain,think of a new game,write order sheets out etc.etc.,but the result was worth it,we had a good game.

This first photo shows the Scots beginning their attack,I elected to be in command of them and Allan took the roll of "English" commander.Allan's task was to cross the bridge,form up and give the Scots a good "hiding",whilst my task was to drive the "invaders" back to England.
As you can see in this shot the English have got across the bridge,and are forming up,two of the regiments are firing at the charging Scots.

The Clans on my right flank,and centre are advancing whilst my left flank is heavily engaged,Allan's dice throwing was good,mine was bad (no change there then!!) and my left was being torn to bits.

This shows my right flank,having taken cannister and musket fire,still about to make contact,don't you just love the Scots??

Oh dear,the Scots on my left flank under too much pressure!! two of the clans decided to go home,and left the others with insecure flanks,this was tricky to say the least!!

The final photo,showing that I had won on my right flank,however on the left,and centre,Allan's troops were proving too strong,so we called it a draw!!

This was a good game.lots going on,very colourful,and Allan picking up the rules very fast,in fact so fast he has challenged me to another game in the near future!!

Roll on Sunday,probablt an English Civil War battle.

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