Friday, 5 April 2013

Jacobite Uprising 1719. 4.4.13.

Last night,Brian,Paul and I had a go at the Jacobite Uprising of 1719,using my newly painted plastic Marlburian figures and a load of Scots I bought from Warrior Miniatures a while ago.Paul and Brian were the "English" and I was the Scots commander.

This is the Scots right flank,being held by a combination of Scots and Spanish troops.(Spain had decided to back the 1719 uprising for political ends,only a few troops actually landed on the Scottish shore,the rest being scattered by storms!)

This shows the main Scots line in all its glory.My plan was to hold off on my right flank and charge straight forward in the centre and on my left flank.

This is the "thin red line" of English soldiers,would they be able to withstand the famous Highland Charge??

This is my left flank,Dragoons and "Dogs of War",plus a clan,all raring to go,the dogs were pretty effective against the English Dragoons,however their fighting ability dropped off dramatically after the first round of melee,giving the English a chance of redeeming themselves.

Brian has advanced his troops against my right flank,but I have moved a couple of clans onto his flank,this was a good old tussle,and was "nippy-tucky" to the end!

My charge begins!despite heavy losses from cannister and muskets,I managed to get in among the English,and inflicted dreadful casualties on them.

Brian's troops are in a right old state,being pushed back,with a Clan about to assault their rear,his Dragoons being beaten by my "Gentlemen Volunteers",what could he do?

Paul was faring no better in the centre,my Clans are working their "Claymore Magic" and hacking him to pieces!!

The Dogs and Dragoons are pushing the English Dragoons back,the flank is won,the centre is crumbling,is it all over?

Brian's Dragoons have had enough,his Infantry are beaten,and I am almost in a position to surround him!!

The English are retiring!! The Scots are mopping up! what more can be said,a famous victory for the Jacobites.

The final photo,Brian's Dragoons being chased of the table,and his infantry surrounded.

This was a good game,quite interesting,in that I elected to use the "random Movement Dice " for the Scots,which proved very frustrating at times,but came good in the end!!

Both Paul and Brian will,I am sure, have something to say about this honest and truthful report!!!

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