Friday, 19 April 2013

Romans vs Gauls 18.4.13.

Well,after last night's game,Paul had to have a drink to calm his nerves,Brian had to lie down in a darkened room with a wet blanket on his head,and I had to have a cold bath and a tot of rum!!
The game was AWESOME!!

Brian and I were Roman commanders and Paul was a Gaul,defending some passes against the invaders.The Roman plan was simple,secure our flanks then advance against the Gallic-held passe.,The Gallic plan was to attack both our flanks,then roll us up in the centre.

This first photo shows the beautiful Roman lines about to advance,Brian aka "Gung Ho!" shot forward at an alarming rate against Paul's cavalry situated opposite him,a melee took place for 6 moves,during which both sides threw some great dice,but Brian's dice was the better in the end and the flank was taken,nail-biting stuff at times,but absolutely great!!

This shows Paul,complete with glasses (a very rare thing,he usually forgets to bring them !) writing his orders.The Gallic lines can be seen,and the good position they were in.

Have you noticed how "camera-shy" Brian is ?To his left the cavalry are just getting stuck in,and his cohorts are trundling forward slowly,meanwhile on my hill,I am being assaulted by a mixture of chariots,light cavalry and skirmish cavalry.Paul used the mixture of troops very well,using "hit and run" tactics to prevent me from moving my cohorts.

This shows the cavalry battle in full swing,with skirmishers on the wings,although Paul was pushed back,Brian couldn't break him because of his "noble" status,until the game was almost finished.

Another shot of Brian's cavalry doing sterling work,and driving the Gallic cavalry back.

Brian's cohorts moving in for the kill,however the Gauls had different ideas,and attacked furiously,driving the Romans back,whilst also attacking them in their right flank,where are my troops in all this??

Ah,there they are,being held and attacked all over the place,my flank was about to crumble at this point,but I somehow managed to hold on long enough to get a good melee win,and just held the flank,but more and more Gauls were heading my way,this was tense!!

Paul has managed to get his light cavalry behind me,whilst his warbands and skirmish cav. are pinning me in front and flank,my number one cohort is in trouble and is being forced back,what can  I do??

Meanwhile,back at the centre,Paul had promised Brian that he wouldn't "interfere" with him!!(what kind of club is this??) but he did!! and Brian is being forced back in this shot,it's not looking good for the Romans at this juncture.

Although Brian had driven off two thirds of Paul's cavalry,Paul still had the audacity to bring another unit and attack even though Brian was wondering just what he had to do to get rid of these Gallic horsemen. Come on Brian I need help on my flank,stop messing around !!

Roman in full retreat,Gauls victorious,time to go home?

NO !! we had to listen to Paul's master plan and how good his troops were,and how rubbish the Romans were and how his plan worked out just how it was supposed to,blah,blah,blah!!

Seriously,this was one of the best games we've had for a while,good old fashioned,tense stuff,with Paul using his troops to their best advantage,some "miraculous" dice throwing from Brian,who was "interfered" with despite promises to the contrary!!

Roll on Sunday,we'll be "play-testing " our game for Carronade (May 11th,Falkirk) so won't be posting any photo's,so as not to spoil the surprise!!

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