Monday, 15 April 2013

Napoleonic game 14.4.13.

Last night saw the "fabulous four" in action in Spain,fighting British against French,for control of a village and high ground.This turned out to be a good game,with Brian and Paul commanding the British,and Graham and I commanding the French.
During our pre-match tactical discussion,Graham and I decided that the British would reduce their defensive line because it was too long for the number of troops at their disposal,and we were proved right!!

Brian who was in charge of the bulk of the infantry,immediately moved inf. from his left into the village,which I had decided to "mask",and attack his centre with "gusto",meanwhile Graham had decided to attack straight away with his cavalry and infantry against Paul's cavalry and well placed infantry.Thus the scene was set for a hard game for both sides.

This was the map given to each side before the game started,showing initial dispositions,terrain etc,this formed the basis for the pre-match tactical talks,and consequent tactics.

This shot shows the overall table layout,with the British on the left and French on the right.

This is move number one,and Brian is transferring troops from his left,into the village and forming a line to the left of the village too,he had left a regiment of light dragoons and a gun battery,out of picture to his far left to support this move,however I had a regiment of lancers and a regiment of Swiss inf,poised to take advantage of any such move,and I attacked,took his gun,and put his light dragoons to flight "vive l'empreur"

Graham's attack begins against Paul's cav. and well placed inf.Paul's gun battery situated on the high ground proved a real "thorn in the side" of the attacking columns,as his cavalry "retired" to a better position.

In this photo the French number one regiment is hitting the British Guards,a fearsome melee followed,but eventually the Guards were pulled out of harm's way,to be replaced by the Lifeguards cavalry (it should be noted at this point that a few "liberties" have been taken with the cavalry on the British side,but I have the figure so I'm going to use them-see Scots Greys in following shots!!)

My infantry begin their assault on the British held village and centre position,I could not make much headway at all due to a combination of cannister and musket fire,however I persisted and eventuallu managed to form a firing line,and awaited assistance from Graham,who was being put under tremendous pressure from Paul and his amazing dice throwing (as well as good tactics!)

Graham has attacked on his flank,and driven the cream of the British cavalry back (notice Scots Greys in background!) he,in turn was also driven back,and the melee swayed back and forth for a couple of moves,this was stirring stuff,with both sides "sweating it out"

What is Graham thinking in this photo?? My attack is developing nicely,but so is Brian's defence,the whole table was ablaze with action,my infantry was getting a real beating from superior trops and bloody good dice throws from Brian,fantastic wargaming,nothing was easy,but will our superior numbers begin to tell? YES!!

"Huzzar!!" the French inf. have managed to break into the village,despite Brian pouring more troops into it,the centre is holding-just,and Graham has secured a vital melee win over on his flank,is it all over??

This is the final photo showing the French cavalry mopping up the remnants of the British cavalry,and,having gained the heights and the village,the French Generals slapped each other on the back,kissed each other on the cheeks (which was quite strange because I was bending down at the time!!) and declared themselves worthy winners of a great game. Well done to everyone for the way this game was played,roll on Thursday,and next Sunday.

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