Monday, 6 January 2014

Battle of the Camps 1707

Last night Paul arranged a game for us,involving Eugene(Brian) and Marlborough(me) camping separately prior to invading France,however,Boufflers(Graham) and Villars(Dave) had been sent to stop us.
Paul,being Paul, had a few surprises in store for us!!
Brian and Graham had to decide,before the game started,if they were going to send troops to Dave and I from their considerable armies-Graham decided to help Dave,whilst Brian decided that my troops were adequate to hold my position,and that I would not need any help(thanks Brian!!)

My position is shown here,on the left,with troops marching from my camp to support(good word that,Brian,SUPPORT!!) my existing troops on the ridge.Graham can be seen marching forward to oppose Brian.What Graham didn't know was that the "open" woods on the far flank contained a "barrier" built of logs etc. and manned by a gun and three regiments of infantry!!

Dave can be seen here,looking very serious,surveying his troops and contemplating getting reinforcements from Graham-doesn't my thin red line look,well, thin??However I am in a good position,and Brian just might send me the 4 squadrons of cavalry lurking just over the stream!

Brian has turned the 4 squadrons of cavalry away from me,and is sending them to bolster his centre!!-I can only hope Dave doesn't attack me with overwhelming numbers!!-he wouldn't would he?

In this shot,Graham has just discovered the "barrier" in the woods,and doesn't like it!!Paul is putting the "barrier" in position helped (that's a good word,Brian,HELPED) by Brian.
I keep putting the word "barrier" in quotation marks because,as it turned out,it wan't a real barrier after all,it didn't have any defensive value and could be fought over at no deduction from the dice,strange but interesting!!
My cavalry,meantime have charged Dave's and are winning the melee-hurrah!!

Brian is reinforcing(good word that Brian,REINFORCING) his centre and flank with the millions of troops given to him by Paul,Graham is advancing with his troops,this is going to be bloody!!

Which of the seven dwarves does this remind you of? The clash has started,both Graham(not Happy!) and Brian are sending more and more troops into the fray-Brian was throwing good dice,and seemed to be getting on top(!!) he eventually drove the French out of the woods,after furious volley fire.

Numbers are mounting up on Dave's flank,and I'm outnumbered both in infantry and cavalry-can I hold on?Paul is looking grim-nothing new there then!!

The battle for the ridge is in full swing,but my cavalry are being beaten,and I have been forced to turn an infantry regiment to face the possibility of me being "flanked" Meanwhile Brian and Graham are fighting it out,no one really having a great advantage.

Graham's strange infantry formation heralds a cavalry battle-after initially gaining an advantage,Brian was eventually pushed back,disrupting his following cavalry,however the French have been sent packing from the woods!

My flank has collapsed!! With infantry fleeing,and cavalry being slaughtered,Dave has gained the flank,and it was just a matter of time before he could get around the rear and capture my camp,and threaten Brian's rear-the game was over at this point although Graham and Brian could both argue that they had held their flank,so a draw,on that side of the board,was a fair result(??)
A very interesting and challenging game-well done Paul

Roll on Thursday-could be two games-probably Ancients.

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