Friday, 31 January 2014

Egyptians vs Persindians

Last night Brian ,Paul and I gave Brian's new Egyptian army a "run out".I knocked up a Persian/Indian force to face him,so we could work out how to operate the, new to us,troop types,and it worked out a treat!!

Brian's Egyptians,in all their glory,fast moving chariots shooting arrows by the thousand,backed up with archers and slingers,who,in turn, are backed up by good infantry!! This is going to be tough!!

The Persindians!!I tried to match the troop types as best as I could-well if nothing else it looked good!

After the chariots have clashed on Brian's right flank,the centres clash,my troops were light and I took a bit of a thrashing,but held on for three moves-hurrah!! On Brian's left, his chariots are fast approaching mine,but I have a cunning plan,and stand still until I can see an insecure flank.On my left,I have placed my best chariots,in the hope that I can attack his command figure,who is surrounded by "Sea People " Guards-good plan,will it work??

Having held Brian's lighter chariots,my "yellow" chariot unit begins its sneaky move to get the Pharoah!!

On my other flank,things are not going according to plan(do they ever?) and my chariots are being subjected to archery and javelin fire,and were eventually driven off the board!!

GOTCHA!!! however my yellow chariot was so weakened by Brian's chariots and skirmishers,that I "bounced" off the Sea People Guard unit,and was sent packing back to the safety and support of my other chariots-not hurrah!!

With Brian piling more troops into the central battle,and having out-flanked,me on my right,and driven my remaining left flank chariots away,he was declared the winner!!
This was an extremely exciting and interesting battle,and a damned good first try for the Egyptian army-Brian is now thinking that maybe he should increase the size of the army to accomodate some mercenary types!!-does he ever stop???

Good game and well done to Paul who volunteerd to referee and give advice and ideas to both of us-great input.
Well roll on the next game with this lovely army,and roll on Sunday-Sailing Ships!!-by way of a coincidence,Wargames Illustrated,this month,features a Sailing Ships game using HUGE ships,just like we are using on Sunday,and the rules they are using look very similar to mine.
Miniature Wargames is also worth a look this month too,it features a good interview with our good mate Charlie Wesencraft.


  1. Great stuff - chariot battles always seem to be real fun.

    1. Thanks Paul plenty Blood and Guts just what we like!!

  2. So they are not just pretty....they can fight! The Hittite Great King has heard this and new recruits marched into camp this morning....

    1. They are Waiting Dave ready to give you a real Biblical Smiting.