Monday, 13 January 2014

Persians vs Indians 500BC

With Dave nowhere in sight and Graham sending in a late sick note,it was left to the "fab four" to play last night.
Brian and I adopted the mantle of Persian commanders,and Paul and Richard were the Indian commanders.

Here is the usual scenario and table before any movement,to show troop dispositions,Brian was facing Richard in the foreground,whilst Paul and I faced each other on the far flank and centre.

Richard and Brian got off to a "mayhemic"(new word for the Oxford dictionary!!) start with something that resembled a riot in a circus-Elephants,chariots and cavalry milling about all over the place-drawing gasps of admiration from Paul and I!!

This is how it should be done,boys-tactical precision at its best! My Immortals advancing against Paul's out-flanking force,whilst in the centre.......................

Beautifully lined up troops moving majestically towards each other,then "Crunch!"-both Paul and I had a very similar battle plan,so we each had ,basically,the same troops fighting each other,although he had sent his out-flanking elephants over the stream and into a central position-these were to make a significant difference later on in the game!!

The battle for supremacy of the far flank rages on,and on, and on,and on-neither side gaining a real advantage,this was going to be the draw of all draws!!

I have held my left flank,and have gained some success in the centre,but so has Paul-sending the cream of my heavy infantry back to their starting positions,so in the centre a draw was the only fair result,however,on the far flank,the battle was going on and on and on and on...with no positive result-Brian asked for one of his "famous" draws and Richard,who needed to lie down in a darkened room,by now,agreed-all is fair in love and war(??)

One last shot of the tussle that Richard and Brian were having-can't see any Elephants though!!

A very interesting game,probably too well matched for any great tactical moves,but we all went home happy,and that's the main thing!
Roll on Thursday,I've got another Ancients planned,which should prove tricky to say the least!

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