Monday, 27 January 2014

Napoleonic Hum-Dinger!!

Last night the "Jackson Five",Richard,Graham,Brian,Paul and I had a "cracking" Napoleonic game,involving a forward British position(Richard) being assaulted by Soult(Brian)with support being rushed to both sides by Wellington(Paul and Graham) and Grouchy(John).

Richard and Brian started the action from move one and continued to fight until the last move,when Richard was pushed off his position,and his cavalry support was beaten.
Meanwhile on the British right flank,Graham was soundly thrashed,until Paul sent him some heavy cavalry,who turned the tables,and it was me who got a good thrashing(I know people who would pay good money for that kind of treatment!!)
In the centre,Paul was controlling(??) the British game by taking pressure off both Richard and Graham,by deploying his infantry,cavalry and guns to good effect,however I eventually broke his centre,and with Richard's hill taken,and my left flank secured against the Farm,the French were declared the just winners-hurrah!!

photo's to follow...............

In the top photo,Richard and Brian discuss the finer tactical skills needed to win this hill,in the lower photo,Brian's attack begins.

In the top photo Brian has swept the British off the hill,and his vast array of cavalry are making progress in the background.In the lower photo,I have "hood-winked" Graham with my cavalry and am just about to deliver the "coup de grace" on his cavalry-note the British in line in the background_what was Graham thinking about?-did he think I wouldn't reform and charge this easy target?-He was wrong and the result was the loss of a Regiment!!-hurrah again.

The battle for the centre begins,will Graham's depleted column get there in time to stop my column charge against Paul's only gun?-

The top photo shows Graham's reinforced cavalry scattering mine,and my infantry moving to form a defensive line against the Farm.
The bottom photo shows the British centre in a certain state of dissaray!!-the figures in a mass in the background are British units taken off the board as casualties!!-hurrah again,again.
Brian and I were worthy winners,but the British team put up a damned good fight too,it must be pointed out at this time that Brian has invented a new tactic,called TATA-this stands for Throwing Away The Advantage-say no more John,say no more!!

This was a great game, and well played lads,roll on Thursday.

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  1. Thought that move was a great feint put our opponents totally on the back foot pity it nearly made you "Faint".