Friday, 24 January 2014

Brian's Newly Finished Egyptian Army

As promised,I have completed the photo-shoot(ooh er !!!) of Brian's Egyptians,and very nice they look too.
Brian is a prolific painter,and is at the moment completing a late Roman/British army,and also has plans for a Crusader army-but as he changes his mind quite often,who knows what he'll end up doing-still I think it's great that he always has something to think about and research etc.

Swing Low!!-chariots in full flight-a mention must be made of Brian's wife,Sally,who plaited the reins for Brian-now that's true love!!

A couple of views of the Infantry line complete with archers-formidable!!-nice scenery!!

The Pharaoh-what more can be said-beautifully painted and presented.Look at that lot in the background!!

The army,can't wait to see them in battle-I'm going to "knock" together a combination Persian and Indian force to put against them,so that Brian can get used to using them until Dave completes his Hittites(watch this space!!)
Well done matey,good job.

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  1. Lovely colourful army Brian. Ripe for a thrashing from some Hittites lol. I have just ordered another 4 packs of infantry. i am determined to match them against you as soon as possible!