Friday, 24 January 2014

Romans vs Greeks(!)

Yesterday was a two game day,but we played the same game in the morning as well as at night,however I commanded the Greeks in the morning against Alan and Brian,whilst at night Paul commanded the Greeks against Brian and I.
Both games were very exciting,pitting the Roman pila against the Greek long spear certainly made for a good game,neither side having any distinct advantage(unless of course you count Brian's extraordinary dice throwing-four consecutive "5's" at one point,wiping out my officer corps!!)

This shows the basic set up for both games,the Spartan contingent is firmly set up on a hill to my front in this shot.After the initial pila throw,and a couple of unusually good dice throws from me,the Spartans recoiled!!,and I actually won this flank-hurrah!!-Paul looks like some kind of evil Gnome in this photo!!

Stirring stuff!!-The clash of shields,the cries of agony as Romans take on the left flank of the Greeks-Brian almost "bounced" off the wonderful Greek line,but he persevered,supported the central cohort,and eventually pushed Paul's troops back-another hurrah!!

HOWEVER-the cavalry battle did not go Brian's way!! and the flank was lost,in a welter of blood and bad language!!-but still very tense and exciting.

The final shot,the Spartans have had enough and are "retiring" in front of the victorious Romans,we all agreed that the Romans had done enough to warrant a win,and we all went home to a well deserved hot drink,and cudddle from the wife(!!!!!!!)

Brian brought along his completed Egyptian army,and I will clear the figures away from last night's game,and set up a photo-shoot(god, does that sound pretencious or what??)

I have been working hard on my Sailing Ships Rules-to be called "'Twas on the Good Ship Venus" and will roll them out for the boys to read on Sunday,for a proper game on the following Sunday.
I am beginning to realise what an uphill job I have given myself by trying to get my "El Cid" armies ready for the "call to Muster" show on the 22nd of March-I've still got 16 units to paint in just 7 weeks-better get going then!!-but one of the benefits of being retired(I don't know if I've mentioned that I'm retired!) is that you've got alot of time on your hands-yet another hurrah!!! so no doubt I'll get them all done.

Roll on Sunday-probably Napoleonic.

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