Thursday, 6 March 2014

Athens vs Sparta 420BC

This morning Brian and I fought a tremendous game using the following scenario.....

Brian commanded the Athenians,and I commanded the Spartans.Brian's plan was quite simple,he was to march to the river's edge and prevent me from crossing!My plan was to be in three phases:First phase was for my left flank allies to advance and take on Brian's Thebans,once engaged,the second phase was to kick in and my centre was to advance and take on Brian's Corinthians,and the final phase was to get my right flank to attack the Athenians once the centre was engaged-sounds wonderful,but,as usual,things did not go smoothly!!

This shot shows the first and second phases getting into action,my allies have beaten the Thebans back,but Brian is reinforcing the melee,and was to push me back across the river.Meanwhile my centre is pushing the Corinthians back,and causing great confusion in their ranks,my right flank is still slowly moving forward.

With my left and centre doing well,I have moved my right flank up to the river's edge,in preparation for a charge.Brian used his archers well and has managed to inflict casualties on one of my units,which told to great effect later on!!

Oh no!! my left flank has collapsed under pressure from Brian's Thebans,and has been forced back across the river,and now my centre units are about to be outflanked and attacked by the cavalry-can I save the day with my reserve unit of Spartans and my cavalry??

My right flank is making steady progress against a determined defence from Brian's Athenians,however the weakened unit is beginning to take alot of casualties and may break,leaving my whole line exposed!!

This is the final photo of the game,showing my central units being pushed back over the river,by the Corinthians-my centre was also being beaten in the melees,and my right was in serious trouble,so we called it a day(not even a request for a draw) declaring the Greek Allied army the winners-oh well,with my shield or on it,as they say!!
This was a really enjoyable game-cat and mouse for the first 4 or 5 moves,then CLASH!!-good stuff,and well done to Brian.
4 of us will be playing tonight-a Marlburian game-spot the same terrain!!

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