Monday, 17 March 2014

Battle of Mercia 60AD

Last night we were located in Roman Britain-Brian and Richard were Roman commanders whilst Graham,Paul and I were in charge of masses of British Tribesmen.

This is the scenario and map,showing that the Legions were very vulnerable to flank attacks if they weren't careful!!-Graham commanded all of the cavalry and chariots,and a damned good job he made of them too!!Paul commanded the centre and I was on the British right-Richard commanded Legio Phoenix,and Brian Legio Nova-all was set for a good old tussle.

This is the table,before any movement.The British plan was simply to advance and take on the Romans-no mean feat!!Richard moved forward to a small hill to his front,which turned out to be a bit of a mistake,as this left his right flank open to chariot attack-a point that Graham hadn't missed!! Brian 's Legion moved forward at a sedate pace-in fact if they had stood still any longer,at one point,they would have had to start paying council tax!!

My attack is in full swing in this shot,I have "lured" Brian's cavalry into a trap-he was surrounded and had to take his cavalry off the board,leaving my warbands free to wander around at will!!Brian put a good fight with his cohorts and seemed to win nearly every melee on this flank,however I was containing him,and preventing him from sending help to Richard,who was about to be assaulted by both Graham and Paul!!

There goes Graham,a magnificent sight as his chariots and cavalry roll forward-he beat Richard's cavalry and pushed them back onto the spears of the Auxilliary infantry,who,to their credit,refused to let the cavalry pass through them,and caused them to perish to a man!!-This left the infantry at the mercy of the "mobile firing platforms" of the chariots,and little by little,Graham wore down the hapless troops facing him,leaving the flank and rear wide open-hurrah!!

Meanwhile,in the centre,Paul has let his warbands loose on the Romans!!Both of Richards flanks are threatened-his right by Graham,and his left by a good out-flanking move by a couple of Paul's warbands-will Brian send him some help??

Not if I can help it!!-I have reformed my battered Warbands and renewed my attack on Brian's Legion-Graham looks as though he can't believe how successful he is on that flank-or is he dreaming of decorating his new house??
However Brian,as usual, threw some tremendous dice and I was in trouble yet again,but still holding on-just!

Paul has been repulsed on his left,but Graham is destroying the Auxilliary infantry,if he can get round the rear of Richard's line,the game is over!!

Yes,there he goes again!!with the flank taken,and Paul renewing his attack against the battered and broken Romans,all was lost for them,and although Brian was holding his own(no silly jokes please!!) on his flank,the Roman cause was lost-back to Rome and get another couple of Legions,and try again!!
Well done everyone,a good and exciting game,with lots going on.
On Thursday night we will be going over the game we are putting on at Middlesbrough-Call To Muster,and on Thursday morning Brian and I will be having a Zulu game,with my newly based Zulu and British armies.
Happy Saint Patrick's day to you all!!
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  1. Stirring stuff - it's always good to see Romans being destroyed. Not that I'm biased or anything...

  2. What you biased against Romans Paul never in this world!!