Thursday, 20 March 2014

Isicweo's Kraal 1879-Zululand

This morning Brian and I had a"Corker" of a game,involving Zulus and British-everything you could expect from a colonial game was in it,including a few "frights" and near run melees etc.

This shows the scenario and initial troop positions,Brian came up with a battle plan(flexible!!) and the game started......

All ready to go,the table before any movement-My plan was to send my left horn through the large gap and the smaller gap,to the left of the photo,and when in position,the right and centre would advance and wipe out the puny British force!!

My attack has started in this shot,I have driven in Brian's outriders,consisting of Natal Horse and Mounted Infantry,but am coming under fire from Gatling,Artillery and Rifle fire-my casualties are mounting up,but confidence is high!!

My Left Horn has made contact with Brian's N.N.C.-who actually passed their morale test and stood!! Brian has moved a company of the 80th foot onto the flank in an attempt to thwart my out-flanking move.

My centre regiments are pressing forward onto the British main line,and although taking some horrendous casualties,I have made contact with a company of the famous 24th.My right horn is being cut to pieces as I move to complete the classical Zulu movement of encirclement.

I am having success along the whole line in this shot-Assegai against Bayonet-there can be only one outcome-can't there??

Some of the Zulu regiments have "retired"(it's good being retired!!) and the trend seems to be that the Zulus have reached their high water mark-surely not!!

This shows my left horn at a standstill,the same has happened to my centre,and although I was making progress on my right,it was decided that the Zulu Army had "shot it's bolt" and the British were declared the winners-A draw would have been nice!!
This was the first game with my newly based British and Zulus,and a couple of points were raised,which we will address before the next game-namely reducing the British "fighting power",as well as the N.N.C. and mounted troops-however this still was a tremendously exciting and colourful game,played in a great spirit.
Roll on tonight,when Dave and Paul will be running through our game for Saturday-Brian is going out for a family meal so can't make it.

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