Thursday, 13 March 2014

Germans vs Romans.

What other hobby can take you from the Sudan in the morning to Germany at night?? This is,of course, a lead in to tonight's game,involving Paul,who commanded a Roman Legion,and Brian and I who commanded Germans and Dacians.
The scenario saw Brian and I attacking a Roman defensive line,which had two open flanks-this presented a real problem for Paul,but,as usual,he was up for it!!

This photo shows the relative positions of all the troops,Paul behind the lines and Brian's German hordes on the left,and my Dacians in the background-all was not to be this quiet for long!!

Brian's magnificent first attack is going well in this shot,Paul's bolt throwers and archers had caused a few casualties to the leading warbands,and this was to tell once the walls were reached!!

My infantry are attacking the more open flank,Paul has sent some cavalry to stop me,but,after a tussle and a half!! I managed to drive him back.Paul is sending reinforcements to every section of the wall under attack,and has beaten Brian on the far sections-this was great stuff!!

This shows the battle from the Roman point of view-Brian is pressing along the whole of his front,and I am gaining a foothold on the left.Most of Brian's troops had taken some damage from arrows and pila,and it looked like he would be beaten back from the wall at this point!

The Romans are winning,apart from on the far left,but Brian,as determined as ever,mounted another attack,and managed to get over the wall again-what was going on in my neck of the woods??

I have gained the upper hand,with both my cavalry and infantry-the Romans are in trouble now-Brian is victorious in the centre,so it could be the end for Paul...........

And so it came to pass-the Romans are beaten,and being driven back along the length of their defensive works-ah well send for another couple of Legions,and try again!!
This was,by any standards,a great game,well done to Paul,who put up a tremendous defence,and to Brian,who persevered,and got there in the end.Two great games in one day-it's great being retired you know!!
Roll on Sunday,probably 5 of us,and maybe another Ancients.

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  1. Infamy,Infamy....... they both had it in for me!

    Bloody hell... a german sunami