Friday, 28 March 2014

Romans vs Britons 60AD

What a change last night's game was from the morning game-one minute we are fighting with modern weapons,and the next we are back to spears,swords and shields!!-isn't wargaming great?
Paul and Brian "ganged up" on me,as my role of Roman commander,I had to march my column of Cohorts and Auxilliaries over a bridge,and on their way to York-the Britons had to stop me!!

This shows the overall table layout,with the Romans in column,and the Britons about to spring their ambush!!
Brian commanded the troops to the front of this shot,including all of the cavalry and chariots,and Paul commanded a purely infantry "mob" consisting of 11 warbands and some light troops.

Brian opened the game with a furious assault on the head of my column(no jokes lease,we are all adults!!)
he combined a cavalry,chariot and infantry attack,which I met with my cavalry and auxilliary infantry-I did quite well,but pushed on too far with my "green" cavalry(in the middle of the picture),who were eventually wiped out!!-However I managed to contain his first attack-surely he won't put in another??!!

Paul has put in an attack on the central part of the column,in an attempt to stop any further movement-this was successful,and I had to turn and form a line to prevent an out-flanking move to my left-sneaky git!!

I have "dog-legged" my rear cohorts in this shot,trying to stop an encircling move-this would prove my undoing-as any charge forward by my cohorts would leave the most tremendous gap,through which any nasty warbands could come,and complete my destruction!!

My Green cavalry are being pushed back through my Infantry lines here,whilst Brian is "lurking" with more cavalry,chariots and infantry-with my right flank in danger,I could only hope my central cohorts would win and drive Paul away,well at times there's Some Hope,Bob Hope,and in my case No Hope!!

This is my rear cohorts,formed up in a beautiful line-but also note the tremendous gap,through which,any nasty warbands could come!!-In the background Paul is massing his troops for a final charge against my centre.

Paul's charge has been met by the cohorts,but he sent a warband onto my flank,and there's nothing I can do about it!!woe is me(again!!)

The final shot-left flank in full flight,centre broken,and right in dis-array-time to ask for a draw I think-well at times there's Some Hope,Bob Hope,and in my case,No Hope!!
Another good and exciting game-it has to be said that the Paul/Brian partnership paid off,and they gave me a right old "bashing"-never mind there's always Sunday,so roll on-probably a Marburian game.
Brian has just finished painting some Camels for our Sudanese campaign,and Paul took some photo's of them which he will publish,when we stop laughing!!

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