Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Sudan 1885

This morning Brian and I had sand in our shoes,fighting a newly finished Dervish army against a British army complete with a couple of newly painted units from Brian.
My plan was a simple one-ATTACK!! whilst Brian's plan was a little bit more complicated,he had to defend a Zareba filled with Egyptians,and beat off my attacks on his small force.

This is the Zareba in all its glory,stoutly defended by Egyptian troops-these did very well and it took me four attempts to gain access-but gain it, I did!!

My new and improved Haddendowah contingent are getting themselves worked up into a frenzy in this shot!! the Figures are mostly Warrior Miniatures and some "conversions"-flags downloaded from Warflags(for free-hurrah!!)

My attack begins,Brian had Gatling and artillery and rifles aimed at my advancing troops,and did great execution!!( to say the least!) however,I knew that I might lose my first line,but my second line stood a good chance of making contact-and they did!!-hurrah.

On my left,the Zareba is proving a tough nut to crack,most of my Ansar units were stopped in their tracks,allowing Brian to move some infantry and a mountain gun onto their rear!!

My whole line is getting closer to the British line,and sphincters are "twitching",who will give way first?-Brian's gun and rifle fire was magnificent and my "officers" were falling at an alarming rate!!

Contact!!  of a sort,my line had been so decimated before contact,that my fighting ability was "poor" to say the least-however "God" loves a trier,so I just kept coming on,and on,and on.......

With Brian's troops holding firm and thrusting at me with the bayonet(and I didn't like it up me!!) my morale finally broke and most of my line was driven back.The Zareba was in my control,but even I couldn't bring myself to ask for a draw!!
This was a great game-it looked right and felt right-loads of colour,exciting melees,and nail biting stuff at times.
Another game tonight,Paul should be turning up,probably an Ancients game.


  1. A horde of Hadendowah! Fantastic John. Good to see Brian showing good old British pluck!

    1. "Pluck" is a word Brian uses alot of!!-well I think it's Pluck he's saying!!

  2. One thing I could never be accused of not having plenty of pluck!!!