Monday, 10 March 2014

Moors vs Spanish 1098AD-El Cid

Forget about El Cid the blockbuster movie,last we had El Cid the blockbuster wargame!!
Brian,Dave ,Paul and I had a stupendous game,with Brian defending a camp,me trying to bring supplies and reinforcements to him,whilst Dave and Paul attempted to storm the camp,and stop the relief column.

This is the scenario,showing initial troop positions,the following photo shows the board before any movement has taken place.

 The camp which Brian defended so well,and Paul attacked with such vigour,is on the right,whilst in the background my relief column can be seen,with Dave's cavalry "lurking in the hills awaiting an opportunity to attack it!!

My cavalry have turned into line,to face Dave,and my second line is moving to the left to block the gap between the stream and a rocky outcrop-Dave had the same idea,and it was set to be a titanic struggle!!

Meanwhile,back at the stream and camp!!-Paul is launching a major attack frontally,whilst leading his Black Guard in an out-flanking move,trying to stretch Brian's defenders to the limit-however,Brian was fully aware of the situation,and had a cunning plan to thwart Paul's attempts(did he??)

Dave and I are locked in combat along the front line,I have secured the column of waggons,oxen etc. and have now lined up my infantry to support the cavalry-I suppose Brian could have used them back at the camp,but I have complete faith in his ability to beat the Moorish attackers!!

The battle for the rocky outcrop is in full swing here,and in the background the battle for the camp is swinging both ways!! The Black Guard is making its way around the flank-Brian where is your cunning plan??

I am in real trouble now,Dave has managed to get into my rear(stop it!!) but I am managing to beat his other cavalry on the plain to the right of the picture-Look, the Black Guard is mounting an attack across the stream-cunning plan number 459 needs to be instigated Brian!!!

Cunning plan number 459 in operation-Brian has put El Cid and his Guard cavalry into the fray-this proved to be quite successful,and Paul was temporarily pushed back-hurrah!!-however,the key word was "temporarily" and a couple of moves later,including an attempt on El Cid's life(un-successful!) Paul was pushing everything back,and was about to claim a victory!!

Dave and I have fought ourselves to a stand-off,I have beaten him on the Plain,and he has beaten me on the rocky outcrop area,and has cut me off from the rest of the camp-Brian is trying to find a swear word to sum the situation up I think!!
Brian and I had to admit defeat,and declare Paul and Dave the worthy winners of this great game,played in a wonderful spirit,well done lads!!
Roll on Thursday,maybe two games,first will a Sudanese game against Brian-we have both been painting furiously(so what's new?) some new Haddendowah and British figures!!

I must apologise for the wonderful photo of my kitchen tiles(third photo!) I have been having a spot of bother with the blog format again!!

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