Thursday, 14 August 2014

Alexander vs Darius 330BC

Alexander is moving into Eastern Persia,chasing Darius and his vast army.
On the plains of Arachosia,Darius turns to fight the Macedonians-the future of the great Persian Empire will depend on this battle!
I was Darius ,whilst Brian was Alexander-the rest is history!!

Here are two views of the table,both Brian and I had similar plans,which were to attack in the centre,and on our "cavalry flank"ie my left,and Brian's right,and just mess about on the other flank,until the time was right to attack.The thought of me attacking the formidable Phalanx with my Persian infantry was not a good one!-Nor was my thought of attacking the Companion Cavalry(in wedge formation) with my own cavalry!!

The game started with a skirmish on my left flank,between horse archer units,whilst in the centre I launched my "one hit wonders"-the scythed chariots,at the Phalanx,hoping to catch it disordered by my infantry,who were following them up!!

The chariots,by some miracle, have contacted the phalanx,and disordered it,could my charging infantry complete their discomfort?

On my right flank,Brian's Companion cavalry have smashed into my mass of Persian cavalry-as he was in a wedge formation,he got the advantage,and beat me in the ensuing melee.

In the best move of the game,Brian's Agrianians have smashed into my flank of Mercenary Hoplites,who were beating a unit of Hypaspists,and completely routed them.In the centre,my infantry have pushed the phalanx back in disorder-hurrah!!

Victory in the centre!-but at what cost?-my left flank is insecure,my cavalry is being beaten on the right,and Brian still has untouched units of Peltasts "lurking" around!!

A final shot of the Persian cavalry being "hounded" out of the game-with my centre and flanks being threatened,I had to admit defeat(even though I beat the Phalanx!!)
This was a good game,and we used full bodies of troops (ie Left and Right flanks and Centre) as the unit,and not individual units as we usually do,giving the game a different feel.Well done Brian!
We will be playing tonight,hopefully Paul will come along,for probably, another Ancients game.

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