Saturday, 9 August 2014

Romans vs Barbarians

On Thursday night Brian and I had an Ancients game,Paul arrived later on,but didn't take part,he just looked on and had a good laugh at our mistakes and bad dice throwing.

These two photo's show the scenario and the board before any movement-I was in charge of the Romans,on the right of the picture.

My "bridge" cohort has formed Testudo(Warrior Miniatures) and charged across the bridge-Brian had to reinforce the situation,and quickly!!-Meanwhile in the centre my cohorts have crossed the river and are being vigorously attacked by Warbands galore!!

The central battle continues,and the cohort on the bridge is being pushed back-I will have to reinforce too!
Brian has held his warbands on the far flank back,until he is in a position to outnumber me.

In this shot it looks as though I am doing well,however my cohorts have taken a bit of a battering,and Brian still has troops in reserve,which he is in the process of moving onto my flank!!

Brian is looking "pensive"-and so he should!!-hurrah.
This is the final move,and although,theoretically,I have achieved the objective of the game,my cohorts are completely done for,whilst Brian has troops,as yet,untouched,so we called it a draw!
Another good game,and we were pleased to see Paul,who had to cut short his holiday in Crete,due to a family tragedy,Brian has also had a death in his family,so difficult times for the two of them-my sympathy goes out to them.
We won't be playing on Sunday,my daughter is coming to pick little Elliot up and take him back home,and it's also her Birthday on Sunday.

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