Monday, 18 August 2014

Battle of Dunbar 1650

Myself,Dave and Brian had an interesting,thrilling and entertaining game last night,recreating the famous Cromwellian victory at the battle of Dunbar 1650-I had to take a bit of artistic licence with some of the Scots troops,using Clans instead of regular Covenanter regiments,however the end result was as per history,so it wasn't that bad a thing to do!!

The top photo shows the scenario,the bottom photo shows the table layout before any moves.
I commanded the Scots whilst Dave took the left of the Parliamentarians,and Brian the right and centre.

Brian watches pensively as his troops march across the "burn",and I struggle to get my Scots into position-I had a bit of a job moving them from the right and centre,to get them into position to meet the coming flank attack from Brian's cavalry.

Dave has launched his cavalry against mine,and due to a very bad string of dice throws,managed to lose all of the melees!!-hurrah for me.However he has beautifully changed from column into line with his infantry,and is facing mine,who are marching down Doon Hill to meet him-meanwhile Brian's troops have crossed the "burn" and I am still trying to get my "clans" into a position where I can meet him on equal terms.

In an audacious move,Brian has charged my unformed infantry with his infantry and cavalry,not even bothering to fire his muskets beforehand!!-the resulting melee did not go well with the Scots!

Dave's horse is still being beaten,although he has managed to get one of my Horse regiments to retire-and the infantry are moving steadily closer-this was always going to be too close to call!!

At last the infantry get to within musket range-one of Dave's regiments has been forced into square,so ,theoretically,I have a huge advantage-can I break his infantry?

Back at Doon Hill,I am holding my own(now,now let's be adult about this!!) but Brian's cavalry is a real worry to me.

Hmm,nice pose Dave!!-I have driven off a regiment of cavalry,but the infantry,against all the odds, has "bested" mine-now two regiments are in square!! and still he beats me-bloody dice!!
It's not looking too good on the Hill either!!

It's all over,Brian has driven my tired,cold and hungry Scots off the board,and although I am still holding my own(behave!!) on my right,with the cavalry(the infantry having been routed!) the game was over,and a well deserved win for the Parliamentarians-well done Dave and Brian.
Roll on Thursday,I will be playing Brian in the morning and Paul at night.


  1. Hi, great looking game and an excellent report.

    Could you remind me of the table size you need for your game at Border Reiver? Should be one to look forward to if its up to your usual standard.



    1. 10 feet by 6 feet table size,please Mick/Carl-Brian will E mail you asap.