Thursday, 14 August 2014

Romans vs Barbarians

I've just finished another "cracking" game against Brian,Romans vs Barbarians this time,we took the opportunity to try out some new "morale" ideas,which did work,but would have limited application in a "normal" game-good fun though!!

As Roman commander I held the left,in wonderful straight lines,and Brian's Barbarians were on the right-the objective was just to beat each other!!

The opening move saw the Barbarians rushing forward,to try and break my line,with a combination of Warbands and Chariots-the cavalry on the far flank are also moving to contact.

This photo shows Brian's first attack on my right flank hill-this was easily beaten off by my archers,and the new morale dice which I have produced(mainly for solo stuff!!)-any unit suffering a "set-back" throws this dice,marked "OK","OK-1" and "OFF"-pretty vicious to say the least!!

After initial skirmishing,the cavalry clash!!-The fight for this flank went on for the whole of the game.

Brian is throwing everything at my first line of cohorts,the pressure was tremendous,but I managed to hold the Warbands off,but for how long?
Brian's chariots were making mincemeat of my Auxilliaries,but I still hold the far hill-hurrah!!

Brian's second attack on my hill is shown here-this was successful,and unhinged my whole flank,combined with his chariots sending my aux.infantry packing!!

Oh dear!!I have exchanged the front line cohorts with my second line(whose fighting points were not too good!!) but still the Barbarians are pushing onwards-with my flank now uncovered,this could spell the end for the Romans.

I had to include this photo-my one success! the Barbarian cavalry are about to exit the board-hurrah!!
Another good game,roll on Sunday,probably English Civil War game,Dave will be with us,and hopefully Paul too.


  1. What a cracking looking game and top commentary from your good self, as always. It's not gonna be a good day to be Roman when barbarians have early success!

    1. Thanks James,the early barbarian "rush" knocked me off balance-Brian is a good Barbarian commander,'cos he only knows one order-"charge".Thanks for your comment.