Friday, 29 August 2014

Battle of "Maisons Nouveaux" 1709

Last night both Brian and I fell victim to "diablo the delinquent,demon dice dropper"(aka Paul!!)
This man,who is so obviously in league with the Devil,managed to destroy two armies,by decimating them with musket fire,and then killing off our whole officer corps!! An "un-holy" number of 5's and "Kill" throws,resulted in both of our armies,hardly taking part in the game!!!

French Guards,firing from the village of "maisons nouveaux" are in the process of destroying my 2 British regiments,whilst my Austrians are moving forward to their fate!!

Brian's Spanish troops being shot to s--t,by Paul's French-a combination of cannister and volley fire saw Brian reduced to tears!!

My cavalry(best troops on the board) moving towards their demise!!-However,despite a withering fire from the French,Brian's Spanish are making headway-hurrah!!

My Austrian infantry are slowly moving forward,but getting hit by Paul's "laser guided cannon",destroying their morale and fighting points,before they even get a chance against the Bavarians!-in the background,to the left,you can just see my Austrian cavalry getting beaten!!
nice houses though!!

Now that's a very silly thing to do John-you'll just antagonise the Bavarians,and cause Paul to throw even more 5's!!-and he did,destroying my whole line!!-by this time I was ready for a Rum,and Brian was contemplating asking for medical help!!

The hillside is devoid of Spanish,my cavalry are being driven back,and my Austrians are fleeing-guess what? well Paul wouldn't accept a draw,so we declared him the winner.
Roll on Sunday,but what Paul doesn't know is that we've enlisted the help of a local Priest,who is coming along to Exorcise the dice,and Paul!!


  1. And yet you wonder why I Drink!!!!

  2. Scurrelous accusations Sir!

    Damned fine defensive action with magnificent command!

    I think Brian must have been numb and not heard my offer to swap his dice with mine ........ not that it would have mattered.

    ...... I may have had a teeny wee bit of luck on a couple of moves though ..... ha ha!