Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Battle of "Apochryphal Well 1230BC

This morning Brian and I (with Dave observing) fought this battle,straight out of Charles Grant's book,The Ancient Wargame.

A fabulous book,and quite rare I'm told-I got my copy in 1974,and still use,and read it,on a regular basis!!

The simple scenario,taken directly from the book-Brian brought along his Egyptian army,and I fielded my "Indiites" against him.

From move one,it was action all the way-here the chariot units are advancing on each other-we both had similar plans-to weaken the flanks and then turn on the infantry in the centre,and capture the well.

This is about move four! my chariots have contacted Brian's Pta division,and at the same time my Biriani(I know it's foolish!!) division has charged home to complete his discomfort-however,Brian has managed to get his Ra division in a good position to charge into my flank!!

My chariots are in full flight,in this shot,and my infantry division is in trouble-so what's new?

On the other flank,I am doing better,not only am I winning the melee,but my chariots have manoeuvred themselves behind Brian's infantry-would I charge them into his rear??

My Biriani division are turning tail and fleeing!!-This flank was now a lost cause,but the other flank,and the well was a different matter.

The final photo of a great game,with his chariots running riot on my right flank,but with me holding the left,and the well(which after all was the objective!) we decided to call it a draw!!

A good game,with lots of points raised,as to how we can use divisions and chariots etc.loads of food for thought.
Roll on tonight,Paul is coming along and we are playing a "head-to-head" game,of Carthaginians vs wild Celtic hill tribes!!

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