Friday, 26 September 2014

Battle of the Bells 1098AD Spain

We haven't had a game for over a week now,due to illness and Holidays,so last night was always going to be a good one!

These two photo's show the scenario and the table before any moves-Paul and Brian were in charge of the Spaniards,and I was in charge of the Moors-Brian opted for the masses of Spanish cavalry,Paul had the infantry.

The inevitable forward movement of both cavalries is shown here-I was fighting at a disadvantage,because I was lighter types,but Brian's bad dice throwing played a big part in what happened next!!

A mass sprawling melee!!Some I won,some Brian won-splendid looking stuff!!-However my Camel units are just about in position,to make Brian's life quite uncomfortable!!

After a tentative start,both infantry lines are closing in on each other,meanwhile the light troops on the flank are fighting for their lives!!

I have gained a bit of ground,but Paul is never to be under estimated,and he moved a light cavalry unit on to my flank and "harassed" me!!-the swine!
My Black Guard is getting closer to the church with the bells ringing ever louder!!-This tussle went on for about 4 moves,Paul pushing me back,then me turning the tables and pushing him back-proper wargaming!!

The computer has now decided to play "funny buggers",but I will battle on and hope that the photo's I want to put in this blog,will actually appear!!-The above photo shows the demise of Brian's cavalry-my camel unit is busy chasing his other cavalry away behind my own lines!!

This is the fourth attempt to get this photo onto the blog!!-however it was worth it just to show my camels knocking the hell out of Brian's cavalry!!!

The winning move by my Guard cavalry,pushing Paul's elite cavalry back onto the church gates!!-with all of the Spanish cavalry now off the board,and the central infantry battle swinging my way(but not without a few casualties on my side!!) I was declared the winner of this long awaited return to wargaming-roll on Sunday,only Brian and I will be participating as Paul is away for a "dirty weekend" in the Lakes(with his wife!!)


  1. Top battle and report. Love those camels!

    1. Irregular Miniatures camels,I've had them for years,and decided to incorporate them into the Moorish army after reading a report that they were used in a batttle-although most of the time the troops would dismount to either fight on foot or on horses-thanks for comment.