Monday, 1 September 2014

Battle of Owl Mountain-Spartan Fury 418BC

The "triumvirate" (Paul,Brian and I) had another great game last night.......

I was in charge of the Spartans,Brian controlled(?) the left of the Allies position,leaving Paul to command the centre and right of the Allies.

This shows the initial set up of troops,before any movement-my plan was simple,I would contain the allied left(Brian) whilst attacking their centre,using a combination of my left column,supported by the central column-however,I placed to much reliance on a unit of light cavalry(which I had given top points to!) beating Paul's light cavalry-they bounced,and I was forced to support them,with troops I didn't want to support-woe is me!!

My slow advance begins in the centre,whilst on my right,Brian has left his "comfortable" position between Owl Mountain and the board edge,and is advancing towards me in a most threatening manner-HELP!!

Brian and I are shaking into a line,here, with slingers slinging at each other!!-You will notice my heavy cavalry moving to outflank Brian's line of Corinthian Hoplites-this worried him enough to make him send a unit from his support to stop them-hurrah!!

Corinthians vs Spartans-my dice throwing was extraordinary!!(I will never call Paul again!!)-Brian was pushed back,and his reserves are now having to support the first line-meanwhile the centre is still slowly advancing against the Athenians standing like a Stone Wall on top of their hill.

Brian's flank is in "tatters",and still the Spartan line rolls forward-this is going to be one mighty clash!!

One mighty clash!!-the first round of melee was a "swings and roundabouts" job,with neither side getting a real advantage-and so it continued for the next two rounds-eventually the Spartans began to gain ground on their right flank,and with my "Allied" hoplites advancing to join the fray,A draw was called for!!-the cheek of the two of them!!!

One final shot,Brian has renewed his attack on my right,and the battle for the Athenain hill is still on-going,but my Allies are making ground,and,eventually, my plan would work-but I knew if we continued,Brian and Paul would whinge and whine,possibly tears would be shed,dummies thrown out of prams,storming off into the night etc.etc. so I agreed that a draw was a sensible result!!

A good game,thoroughly enjoyed by us all-roll on Sunday.

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