Saturday, 6 September 2014

Border Reiver Show Report 6.9.14.

We have just got back from the above show,thoroughly exhausted,but happy!!-The show was well attended by both traders and Wargamers,and everyone we spoke to(and that was quite a number!!) all said that they had enjoyed it-well done organisers.
We put on a demo game of 54mm Plastic Medievals,and the comments we received were fantastic,thankyou to all who came and talked to us.
The hall was spacious,which left a lot of room to get around and see the various traders and games,the catering was good,and of course car-parking was free(always a good item!!)-the one small criticism I had was that the organisers were not prominent enough-perhaps a name badge for each next year?-That said we had a great time-roll on next year.

Paul and Brian setting up their side of the board-note the space we had around the table.

Dave setting up our side of the table-we had a Wild West participation game(it has to be said,with no participants!!) on one side,and Tyneside's fantastic Western Front WW1 game on the other-both had put a lot of effort into their presentations-well done.

This is a general shot of the hall just as the doors opened.

Another shot of the hall,showing Tyneside's table and trade stands.

The Siege part of our game seemed to attract a lot of attention,even though we didn't play it through-it just looked interesting!!

One final photo showing a Futuristic game,and more trade stands.
We hope the organisers let us put on a game next year-I'm sure they'll contact us if we can.

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