Wednesday, 10 September 2014

DIY Chariots 2 TutanKumin in person.

Following on from my last blog-DIY Chariots,I have found a figure in my "Rumble Box" which I have made into my fictitious King TutanKumin to lead my fictitious army,the Pa'arasites!!-this is getting silly!!
I also made,using my paper template,another but bigger chariot to get the King from A to B-or to Egypt,in other words-look out Brian,the Pa'arasites are coming!!

I had to caste two wheels and four horses for the Chariot,and the figure had funny pointed ears,and a "wavy" sword blade-so I suspect he could be an ELF!!!!!!!!-however as I painted him he became more and more to like TutanKumin-I think the rum probably had a lot to do with it though!!

Chariot etc is based,and I've even added reins-well,actually brass wire from a wine bottle-drink seems to play a big part in my wargaming!!-You will note that I have filed the ears off the figure and straightened out the sword blade-is there no end to this man's talent?

The finished article,flocked and raring to go-which way's Egypt?-this whole project begs the question,as Cilla Black would say-what's it all about ELFIE!!!(groan,groan again!)
I'm working on some command groups at the moment,and once they are finished I will challege Brian to a game.


  1. Great stuff John However Dave reckons we need more Chariots so you might have to put a Night Shift on.Ready when you are for the Challenge because as you know I was"Born Ready"!!

    1. Have found a figure that will do for the king's son-Prince Notrite Indahed!!