Friday, 12 September 2014

Medieval siege-54mm playtest game

Whilst at Border Reiver show last Saturday,we were asked to put on a demo game at a new show-"Stand To" at Shildon on October 19th 2014,by the show's organiser ,Ken. So last night Paul'Brian and I ran through the game we intend to put on-a variation of Saturday's game,but playing the siege part through.

I was in charge of the Castle and relieving forces of Flemish Knights,Paul was directly opposing the relief force,and Brian was assaulting the Castle.

After a tentative start,the cavalry got to grips on my right flank-Paul was not going to be lured from his hill position,but I was determined to keep moving forward and brave the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune!!

On move 4 the siege towers made contact with the castle walls,and started the most exciting part of the battle,because I had ordered three units of Knights to "sortie" from the castle as soon as the towers hit the walls.My objective for the sortie troops was to knock out Brian's catapults,being guarded by units of spearmen!!

Whilst the cavalry slug it out on the flanks,my Knights advance towards Paul's position-Paul's very relaxed posture is worrying-why isn't he panicking?

This shows my sortie troops advancing onto Brian's catapults and spearmen,whilst in the background,the first line of infantry have clashed.

Brian's attack on the castle was successful,and within three moves the castle defenders had deserted their posts and fled!!What to do,what to do!!

In the background,Paul's cavalry are giving my cavalry a right old hammering,but on this near flank,I am driving him back,as well as my infantry knights winning in the centre-however with the castle being subjected to all the excesses you would expect from a winning force,all could be lost!!

One final photo,Paul's cavalry are showing their tails,and taking off between the infantry lines,but,as mentioned, the castle was taken,and I had to admit defeat-however defeat is not dishonour!!

This was a good test game,we ironed out s few problems,and we are sure we can put on a good display at Ken's show.
An ancients game is being planned for Sunday-roll on!!

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