Monday, 29 September 2014

Braddock's Drift 1758

Last night Brian and I had a small but very interesting game,based on Rorke's Drift,but set in the French and Indian wars era.

This is the scenario and map,Brian was the French and Indian commander and I took charge of the British and Rangers.
My plan was fairly simple,I would use my "canoe troops" to attack the French on their hill,whilst defending the "Drift" to the last man!!
Brian's plan was to hit the "canoe troops" as soon as they landed,whilst tying down my defenders,then launch the French at the drift,to secure a victory.

What a peaceful scene this looks!!-this is the table before any movement,note canoes about to paddle down the lake and outflank the French-best laid plans and all that!!

Brian's first attack against the Rangers defending the back of the drift was ferocious!!-after an initial fire fight,he got stuck in,and a melee followed,during which I was pushed back from the fences-my contingency plan was to flee back to the secondary position,which you can just see on the far right of the photo-best laid plans and all that!!!!!

In this shot the canoes are just about to make it to the shore-however the awaiting Indians are about to give them a hostile reception-the French had a gun on their hill,and managed to miss every time they fired-oh how Brian laughed-not!!!!

Oh Dear!! out of the three companies of Rangers,one had to retire along the lakeside,one had to take to its canoes again,and the last one couldn't even land!!-best laid bloody plans and all that!!-However,in the background the French infantry are wading across the river to attack the drift-my wonderful British infantry stopped their little game though! A couple of good volleys saw the retiring back across the river-hurrah!!

I just had to take this "Hurrah" shot-however the Rangers defending the back of the fort have decided to run way-swiftly followed by warbands of scalp hunting savages-things are not looking too good!

As the British infantry send all attackers fleeing back across the river,the Rangers are about to expose the back of the position to the Indians-all is lost-woe is me!!

They are in!!-all is definitely lost-however it was good game,with a good deal of thought on plans etc.-well done Brian-pity about the French gun(which I think he is just about to crush with his right hand!!)
Roll on Thursday,I have challenged Brian to a 1:1,my Pa'arasites versus his Egyptians-what he doesn't know is that I have been building up an almost unstoppable force,which includes my cheap skate chariots-can't wait to see how they perform.


  1. Great scenario William. It is such an intriguing period the French and Indian War.

    1. Very intriguing,and quite difficult to play,but interesting,that you can have different troop types,including civilians-thanks a gain for your comments.