Friday, 5 September 2014

Romans vs Britons 60AD

We had another Ancients battle last night,with Paul commanding the Romans and Brian and I commanding the Britons-the scenario was simple-Paul was to attack a village and "Henge" whilst Brian and I sought to stop him!!

These two photo's show the initial deployment and terrain-the next shot shows the first ever use of mercenary troops............

"Wild Geese" attacking the Roman slingers!!

Brian had a cunning tactical plan-CHARGE!!!!-not waiting for my supporting warbands,he charged the advancing Romans,and was met with a volley of Pila,reducing his fighting ability,and causing him to take a morale test-he held this time,but I was still a couple of moves away with my support!!

Almost there,but not quite!!-In the background you can see the fight for the village is in full swing.
My cavalry are driving back the Roman cavalry,but Infantry warbands are still not in a position to help Brian.

Meanwhile,back at the village-Paul has driven my defending warband out,but I have attacked him,in overwhelming numbers,outside the village-however he is beating my Noble cavalry,and driving them back-war is hell!!

I have secured the village area,but it took 4 warbands,a cavalry unit and some slingers to do so!!
Now, what's happening on Brian's flank??

Well, most of Brian's troops have fled the field,leaving it to my warbands to "mop up",but having to face the Romans alone!!-But,with the village now secured,and  the warbands free to roam around the rear of the Romans,Paul graciously accepted that we had the upper hand-hurrah!!

This was an interesting game,and we probably will play it again sometime-well done lads.
On Saturday we will be going to "Border Reiver" show at Gateshead Stadium-we are putting on a "different" Demonstration game-come along and say "Hello" if you can make it-roll on Saturday.

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