Friday, 16 January 2015

Battle of Roman Bridge-Dacians vs Romans

Last night,Brian was awarded letters after his name,in recognition of his contribution to this "cracking" game,he was granted the distinguished T.W.A.T.,which stands for-Tardiness Without Aggression Tactics-and we all thinks he deserves it,although Brian,modest as he is,will probably say he doesn't deserve it-read on................

This is the scenario and map,as you can see,the German task called for bold,aggressive movement,to stop the Romans(Paul) from interfering (ooh er!!) with me,as I attacked the Fort,well this is what happened!!!

My Dacians attacked from move one-Paul defended magnificently,with arrows and bolts flying all over the place-I even managed to set the bloody place on fire!! With my brave troops,infantry and cavalry,sacrificing themselves in the name of the King and their country,what were my brave and honest allies doing??

Advancing at a leisurely(some would say "tardy") pace,allowing the Romans to form up,unmolested by arrow,sling or javelin,into a position,where,if the Germans ever did attack them,they could outflank them!!-meanwhile,back at the fort...........

I have pushed the defenders back from the walls-hurrah!! but Paul still has unused troops,and on the left of the fort,my attacking units are being caught in the rear by a couple of cohorts,that Paul has managed to get across the river(it must be said, unhindered by any Germans!!)
I am fighting for my life-but what of the Germans?-from what can be gathered,they are inspecting the flora and fauna of the area,having a spot of "tiffin",combing their hair etc.etc.

A grim-faced Brian is contemplating whether or not to get his nice,clean,shiny spears dirtied with Roman blood!!-Best not to rush these things though-ho hum!!

Hurrah!! the Germans attack-look at them,there's bloody thousands of them!! actually the attack was fairly successful,but it is now move number 8,ad I have been "ejaculated" from the fort,and my cavalry have ceased to exist-I am in real trouble at the fort-come on Brian!!

"Ejaculation" complete!!-the troops in the far right hand corner of the board are "dead" units-mainly mine-I am completely lost,and the fort remains in Roman hands,however,with a couple of almost miraculously good dice throws,Brian has got Paul's cohorts on the back foot,and is making headway against the main Roman line,but still has the threat of a flank attack against him on his left.

This photo shows the situation at the end of the game,which was,I suppose,a draw-I had lost the fort,although Brian did send me some reinforcements-cavalry(really useful against fort walls!!) but Brian was making a nuisance of himself on the left(he always makes a nuisance of himself!!) so a draw was fair enough-we had a good laugh,which,is surely,what it's all about,in this game,as well as employing good and solid tactics-roll on Sunday-"El Cid" game.-well done 

Thanks for your support,Brian, I will wear it with pride!!

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