Friday, 9 January 2015

Samos Bay 479BC

I have always found Greco-Persian games colourful and exciting affairs,and last night's game was no exception.

These first two photo's show the scenario and the table layout.Brian commanded the Athenians on the hills,and I commanded the Corinthians and Spartans,whilst Paul took command of the whole Persian army by himself-no mean feat!!

The battle opened with a cavalry clash,which Paul won,due to superior troops and superior dice throwing!!(that's my story and I'm sticking to it)-My Corinthians(in the foreground) are advancing to protect the right of the Spartans as they form a line.In the background Brian is under attack from Wild Hill Tribesmen-they would prove no match for the Athenians,but Paul had a secret weapon in the form of Daki(or Dahae) horse archers,who would upset the apple cart towards the end of the game!

As the first wave of levy troops attack up the hill,the Athenians just stand and coolly repulse them-we always said Brian was repulsive!!(note the horse archers "lurking" in the background.)

Whilst my Corinthians are engaging the Cardaces infantry and Paul is sending some levy infantry against my Spartans(how very dare he?) both hills are being attacked!!-Brian has landed his reserve Hoplite unit on the left hill,just in case!!

In this shot my Spartans are nicely lined up and ready to go-but so are Paul's "Immortals"-Brian appears to be looking to the Gods for inspiration(or help!!)

Brian is successfully defending his hills,and driving the levy troops back down them-the horse archers are still "lurking"-Paul used these well and inflicted casualties on the Hoplite unit standing in front of the temple,causing them to retire!! Combined with the retirement and a fresh assault by the levy troops,the hill was taken-however Brian held onto the other hill-hurrah!!

We now come to the low point of the battle!!-To bolster my fighting values in the melee on the far right flank(ie Corinthians vs Cardaces) I put my Corinthian Commander into the fray to add an extra two points-this was both good and bad!!-I won the melee-hurrah,but got him killed-Boo!! Resulting in the whole of the Corinthians having to take a morale test-and,of course,they all ran away-woe is me!! This left the right flank of the Spartans,who were now engaged with the Immortals,up in the air and vulnerable to attack-I can't remember the exact words Brian used,but was something like-"oh dear John,we might have just lost the battle!!"

Paul's Cardaces moving to attack my Spartan flank-is Paul having a breakdown??
By this time Brian's Athenians have boarded their ships and are sailing back to Athens singing Athenian sea shanties and drinking Athenian rum-not a bad idea that!!
Yet another good game-it looked the part,and without my "error of judgement" I am convinced Brian and I would have won,but well done to Paul.Roll on Sunday,probably English Civil War.

I have just spotted an error in the initial map-the Cardaces should be where the Immortals are and vice versa-apologies!!!!


  1. Lovely looking game. John what did you expect when you expose your commander to Paul's dice throwing! Mind I recall you did the same to General Jackson in the ACW game!

  2. Was a great game Dave but still he wonders why I look to the Heavens !!! Hope to see you soon