Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Painting update-Norman Knights

I have just finished painting and "flocking" the Norman Knight figures my Sister got me for Christmas,and thought I would show them.
The figures are from Warrior Miniatures,and I must admit when I looked at them,I was a bit dis-appointed in their size(I wanted them to supplement my "El Cid" armies) but,like everything else in life,there are no such things as problems,only solutions!!-The solution to the size difference,is simply to put them on deeper bases-simples!!!
These figures suit my simplistic painting style-I am a wargamer who paints,and not a painter who wargames-very philosophic,but I'm sure you all know what I mean!!

The first two photo's show the shield designs(3!!) that I have used,and the two different horse poses.

These two shots show the figures from the front and then from the back.

Last two shots,showing them in line and ready to charge!!
I was so taken with the figures,that I phoned John Holt of Warrior Miniatures,and a more amiable man you couldn't wish to do business with-a real gent,always ready for a chat,and to do a deal,and ordered 50 more!!-some with swords and some with lances-this "El Cid " army is just growing and growing,and I've still got 24 cross bowmen to paint too!!-where will it all end?


  1. Nice John....their shield designs look familiar lol.

    1. Plagiarism?-never even heard the word!!!Red and Yellow do look nice together though-lollipops to you too.