Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Siege of York 1642

Once again the terrific trio were at it tonight-Paul,Brian and I played a superb E.C.W. game,with Brian commanding the Royalists(but not his dice!!) and Paul and I commanding the Parliamentarians-me,the fort,Paul the relief columns.

This is the scenario and map and the table layout before any movement,Brian's troops are just moving out of the city,in their "grand sortie" against my fort,Paul can not move until move number 4.

Brian's cavalry sweep out of York,moving left and right hoping to drive away my Dragoons guarding the bridge,and my cavalry guarding the roads-this was a successful move!!-Brian's infantry,led by Newcastle and Percy's foot,looked intent on attacking the fort head on.

This shot shows that exactly what he did!-despite my volley fire and cannister (partridge) shot,couldn't stop him,and a melee developed,which,as usual,swung both ways-my troops eventually denying him access-hurrah!!

By move number 6 I was getting desperate-Paul is on his way,but is being held up by the river,taking two full moves to cross it,meanwhile Brian is sending more troops to attack the fort,and my flanks have been stripped of cavalry-woe is me!!

Hurrah!! Paul's leading elements are across the river,and help is on it's way-however Brian is massing his cavalry on the river side,ready to charge Paul-this is going to be tight!!

Brian's clever use of his guns,mounted on the city walls,is keeping Paul's cavalry out of the way-damn his eyes!! Paul's infantry is crossing the river,and approaching the fort walls-will he be able to get there in time??

Paul is looking "smug" because his cavalry are doing well,and his infantry are almost into the fort-however,Brian is now sending the Green-coated infantry forward to try and out-flank the fort!-hell's flames,this is tense stuff!!

Brian looks quite at ease with the world in this photo-but this was about to change,when all of his cavalry got beaten in their melees-hurrah!!(for us,not him!)
The battle for the fort is still going on,and on,and on........

The Royalist cavalry are being driven back-time to check their morale,I think!!

Oh dear!! Goring's cuirassiers have broken,and have been forced to retire,chased by Paul's horse-with cavalry in their rear,the infantry are forced into square,and Paul is poised to exploit the gap,and win the game-another hurrah!!-The fort still had not fallen,this was not totally my fantastic defence,it was mainly due to some terrible dice throwing by Brian!!

The aforementioned "gap" that appeared in Brian's line,causing him to lose the game,but not the war!!-well done lads,another great game.Roll on Thursday-Ancients,probably on the same terrain(but without York City!!)


  1. A(other) lovely looking game William. The photo of the troops debouching from York is particularly evocative!

    1. Cheers James,nice comment,I've just invested a fortune in a new tripod for my camera(99pence!!) and it seems to have got rid of the "shake".

  2. I second James' comment John. A great looking set up. I especially like the fort.

    1. Cheers Dave,when are we going to see you?