Sunday, 18 January 2015

More Painting and Accessories.

During a visit to B&M Stores on Saturday,I came across these Bhuddas for £2.99 for the three!
As you can see they are perfect for 25mm figures,and will no doubt feature in the next Indian game we have.

I think they look pretty good-and inexpensive(notice I didn't say cheap!!)

Because of sub-zero temperatures,we are not playing tonight,but I have painted some of the figures I got from Warrior Miniatures (two days after ordering them!now that's customer service!!) and thought I'd show them,with a bit of a step by step account of my painting method.

The top photo shows the figs(which needed no cleaning up at all)fixed onto their horses by a "blob" of "No Nails" on the horse and a drop of super glue on the underside of the rider's saddle,I then coated the lance with nail varnish,to give them extra resilience to Paul!!!!(he has a knack of snapping off anything that can be snapped off!!!!!)
The second photo shows the figures undercoated in white emulsion(!!) I haven't ried undercoating in black yet,but you never know I might try it sometime.

The third photo shows the horses painted black-it saves me having to paint reins etc(lazy or what?) plus the shields and half of the pennons and the only visible tunic sleeve.
The fourth photo shows the white put onto the horses faces and chests and the simple "Cross" design on the shields.At this point I must say that when I get a figure,I look at it and decide how "few" colours I can get away with!!

Another shot of the knights,just before the armour is painted and the finishing touched applied.

All finished and ready for basing-I don't particularly enjoy painting,I class it as a necessary evil if I want to wargame,but I suppose when the unit is complete and on the board I do get a bit of satisfaction seeing them in all their glory.
If I can keep this pace up(one unit of twelve figures per two days) I should get all 50 on the table by next week!!
On Thursday it will be the 136th anniversary of the battle of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift,so we'll be re-fighting either one of them.


  1. Hi there, great blog, nice to see how your collections increase and improve, with real wargames played out. I too often use Warrior Miniatures, I fix my Moorish cavalry on the mongol horses with tassels. Yes, quite small, but by placing a small piece of thick card to their bases, and then fixing the raised base to my usual horse-bases, and then textured to the full height, they mix perfectly in the same units with the slightly larger Essex horses. I must say, some of the Warrior Moorish and Elcid cavalry are very good castings at a great price for metal figures.

    1. Hi MGB,thanks for your comment-I have been a "fan" of Warrior for centuries(or so it seems!!) and his range is so extensive,but above all,because my armies are so big,inexpensive-did you notice i didn't use the word "cheap"????
      keep the comments coming