Monday, 16 March 2015

Battle of the Fort-Dacia 105AD

Our "cracking" run of games continued last night with Paul and I  fighting what should have been a one-sided contest,weighed in favour of the Dacians(I had given them stronger morale/fighting points to show that the Legion was untried) but as usual,things didn't go exactly to plan!!!
A picture paints a thousand words,so I'll just show you the game as it progressed in photographs,with a few words at the end.............

Paul was the Roman commander.

Right flank "bouncing" Sarmatian cavalry!!

The top and bottom photo's show the main Dacian attack,which eventually went the same way as the Sarmatian cavalry-bounced!!
The middle photo is of my far right,where I held back and lured Paul away from his supporting troops.

Three shots of my only real success-the fort walls have been battered down and two warbands are attacking the defending cohort-in the last photo the walls have inexplicably caught fire!!-are they made of coal??

Top photo shows a cavalry clash on the ridge,although my cavalry were "poor" I did manage to beat the Romans-hurrah!!-Bottom photo shows the on-going fight on my far right.

Final shot,the Romans still had 7 cohorts on the board(although only 2 had any fight left in them!!) and could have formed a square and marched back to their "burning" fort,whilst the Dacian warbands are in total dis-array,and couldn't have formed a decent Queue!!!!
This was another good and exciting game,full of "bloody hell" moments when we both threw good or bad dice!
Roll on Thursday,probably a rare Napoleonic game.

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