Friday, 13 March 2015

Battle of Irvinberg 1758

Last night's game was summed up by Paul,when he said"That was epic!" a terrific game,played over 3 and a half  hours,with 12 moves completed-we were both worn out at the end of it,but what a game!!

Here is the map and the table before any movement-Paul was the Prussian commander,and I was the Russian commander.
The objectives became "blurrerd" as the game progressed,with both Paul and I fighting for the flanks and the central ridge-absolute classic stuff!

This is the first of two massive attacks put in by Paul on my central position-the troops in the foreground have suffered two cannister shots from my flank battery,which weakened them enough for me to win the fire-fight on this flank,however the rest of the Russian line suffered a bit!-to add to the dis-comfort of the troops in the photo,I managed to get some dragoons to march through my battery and charged them in the flank,causing them to retire-hurrah!!

The dragoons advancing through the battery-Paul has foreseen the move and is sending his dragoons to meet them.On the far flank,the Prussians are advancing on the village of Irvinberg,intent on capturing it and winning the game-oh yeah?

Irvinberg under attack from a whole brigade of Prussia's finest troops-I was forced to also put a whole brigade into the village,and the fight went on for most of the game!

In this shot my right flank dragoon attack is riding down a regiment of grenadiers! However I was counter-attacked by Paul's dragoons backed up by his cuirassiers,forcing me to send in my cuirassiers-a massive cavalry "brawl" ensued on this flank,which was to prove crucial.

Whilst the flank attacks are still undecided,the Prussians have been driven back from the ridge-hurrah!! however Paul reformed his troops,and attacked again-the audacity of the man!
Paul used his artillery well,and weakened my left flank cavalry enough to make me nervous of any cavalry attacks around the village area-Paul saw this,and towards the end of the game,launched his dragoons and cuirassiers against my cavalry,and beat them!!

This shows my left flank cavalry about to ride to their demise!-However I have secured the right flank and still maintain control of the village-hurrah!!

It looks as though I am retreating in this shot,but I am guarding the flank with my guards whilst cannistering an attack by Paul's heavy cavalry-great stuff, proper wargaming.

This is the final shot,Paul is beginning his second attack on the Russian-held ridge,although,technically,I had won the game by retaining the flanks,we decided that a draw was the fairest result,as the Russians were,everywhere weak.-well done to us both!!
Roll on Sunday,the game might just feature a Roman Fort!!

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