Monday, 9 March 2015

Mountains of the Dead!! Egypt BC

Last night Paul and I had a fairly big Ancients game,involving my "Fictitious" Pa'Arasites and a Persian army commanded by Paul.
I often contemplate on what turns Wargamers on,for me it's the spectacle of seeing hundreds of figures on the board,fighting a good scenario,over good,and challenging terrain,for others it's a release from reality,for others the chance to solve a problem,and pit their tactical brain against their chosen opponent-all of these wargame components were evident last night-what a game!!

These two shots show the scenario and most of the table before any movement.
As a break from his normal tactics,Paul had decided to await my assault-especially from my numerous chariots,and counter where and when he could,but being aggressive on my left flank.
My battle plan was to attack everywhere,except on my right flank,where some skirmish troops would,I hoped, would stop any Cataphract moves down the gap.-the scene was now set!!

With a clattering of wheels and the smell of horse "poo" my light and heavy chariots opened the battle-my lights were to skirmish with Paul's cavalry,whilst my heavies were to knock out the mercenary hoplites-simple(or was it?)-Paul is calmly writing his next orders-he looks too calm!!-meanwhile my first line of infantry are moving forward against Paul's static line.

In this shot my heavy chariots have charged Paul's hoplites-they have thrown a dice-odds or evens-he threw an even score,and my chariots failed to get in among him!! and I had to veer off to my right-this actually happened 4 times during the game-bloody hoplites-too good for their own good,that's what I say!!

My first line of infantry have pushed on across the whole board,and Paul's Persian front line is getting "hammered",but still he refused to support it-what is going on?

Meanwhile,on my left flank,the skirmishers and light cavalry are enjoying their own little battle,neither side gaining any significant ground-yet!!

This is charge number 3 for my heavy chariots against the bloody hoplites-still no success-woe is me! However my lights are chewing up the Persian cavalry with bow shots-hurrah!!

At last the Persians have been "goaded" into action,and a combined Cataphract and Immortals attack has been launched against my right flank infantry-oh dear!!-The chariots retiring past my troops,are the heavies coming back to reform,before trying once more to penetrate the hoplites(I'm told they enjoy a bit of penetration!!)

My first line of infantry have been retired(I'm retired you know!) and replaced by the second line,but now I need them to shore up my rear(now,now,no crude jokes!) because Paul has eventually won the flank,and his light cavalry are about to wreak havoc against me!!-still Paul seems reluctant to support his first line,who are on their knees by now.

Because Paul has won on my right flank,I am being forced to swing my third line of infantry around to face any attack that may(?) develop against me-double woe is me!!

Hurrah,hurrah,hurrah,bloody well hurrah,as far as I'm concerned I've won the game,because at the fifth time of asking,my heavy chariots have made contact with,and beaten, the bloody hoplites-another hurrah!!
However,Paul is amassing a considerable force of Immortals and Cataphracts on my right flank,and his cavalry have seen off most of my chariots,so he has control of the battle field-and I must admit defeat(again!!)-well done to Paul,another great game.
Roll on Thursday,probably a 7 years war game.


  1. That is a very very nice game gents.
    I look forward to seeing more Persians on show as they were one of my first armies.
    By the way, I hope Brian is doing okay.
    Thanks Robbie.

    1. Cheers Robbie,the Persians are a colourful bunch,with a varied number of weapon types,have you still got yours? I'll get an up-date on Brian when I phone him on Friday.

  2. Yet another cracking game that I'm missing out on joining in with. Cheers, Chris

  3. AND loved all the innuendo in the write up :-P

    1. Hi Chris,What innuendo????? anyway that's to big a word for a Geordie lad to use!
      Hope you're ok-regards to family.