Friday, 13 March 2015

The Roman Fort-an on-going saga.

Aren't wives wonderful? one minute they're singing your praises,telling you how handy you are,how handsome and sexy you are,then the next minute they're telling you about your mistakes!! like forgetting to put a Gate on the Roman Fort-shit! shit! shit!
Well,being a true gentleman,I quickly made up a lie and told her that the Gate was "work in progress" and that I had a one already in the garage!
So,whilst she was watching the TV,I rushed into the garage,made a Gate from some card,gave it a quick paint job,and triumphantly showed it to her announcing "look,dear,there it is,just as I said!!"-Hmmmmmm!

Phew,just in time,but it looks ok,I think.

Prince August figures finished and in situ-just a minute! I made 18,but can only count 17,has one deserted? I can't find the bloody thing any where-maybe the wife's taken it in revenge!!

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