Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Roman Fort-construction

A few weeks ago,at York show,we bought a box of wall sections and a tower,for a "fiver"-I have already made the tower look ok,so I thought I would turn my hand to making what I could of the wall sections.
There were no right angles,so making a fort was,I thought, out of the question-then my simple philosophy on life kicked in-There are no such things as problems,only solutions!!
After a lot of re-construction,using basic tools(kitchen knife!) and employing the "hackit and bodgeit" method of modelling,I came up with what,I think, is a passable(albeit three sided) Roman fort.A bit of repair work and a couple of coats of black wash over a white undercoat,completed the project-comments(good or bad) would be welcome!!

These two photo's show the right angles being made,by hacking one section of wall and slotting the other section into it.

I even made a ruined section from a piece of wall that couldn't be saved!!

Walls+Tower=Fort,but now I needed to adapt some figures to fit onto the walk-way-our bases are too wide,so I cut down some auxiliary I made some Legionary figs(from my Prince August moulds)

That'll do nicely!-aux.infantry in position,ready to defend the Fort with their little plastic lives!!

Oh dear me,it would appear that the Barbarians have smashed down a section of wall and are attacking the defenders!

This shot shows the sections and tower placed side by side to create a "long" wall,if we need it-and it looks like the Barbarians are still attacking it!!

These are the Prince August figures just about to be started-should be ready by Thursday(?)
I am pleased with the end result,which will be taking "centre stage" very soon.

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